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ZOOEY has Low BUN/high creat??????

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Hi Guys....
It's been a long long time since i last posted...
I moved from Dubai back to kl and brought my kitties with me icon_smile.gif

We took Zooey to the vet the other day as she was due for a check up for a lump that turned out to just be a fat deposit...

But while she was there the vet noticed she had lost 400gms after being a steady 5.5kg for most of her adult life.

Zooey is 5 this year.

He did a kidney function test and the results were as follows:
BUN 7.1 mg/dl
Creat 247 mg/dl
GBT 39

We are going back in a weeks time to test again to see if the levels have decreased...

Is the BUN level excessively low?

I am currently feeding her the renal diet. She is not drinking a lot....
She eats a little so i have to supplement that with hand feeding her...

How much water should i make sure she drinks per day?
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If you don't already have a water fountain that is one suggestion I would make. Our cats drink much more water now with the fountain.

I can't help you with BUN levels, but we have some knowledgeable folks here who can and I'm sure they'll respond soon.

They'll probably want to know what food you are using as well.
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I am not an expert but I would think an infection is present ... I would ??? a kindey food but ...

creatine is a by product of protein digestion as is BUN

will she eat wet food?? I dont care what quality as it is 75-85% water or broth
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My old cat had renal failure and our vet said there is very little to do about it, other than give them the special diet and pray they drink more water. He said renal failure affects almost every cat who lives up to his or her life expectancy. We quickly learned you cant force a stingy animal to do anything. He said we could bring him to Tufts Vet Research but it would cost like three thousand dollars and my brother and I were in college at the time and my cat would have been miserable. He's a really realistic vet, which we like, and he said the best thing you can do is love him more than you ever have, and he would maybe drink more water to want to stay around longer. Sure enough, his failure leveled out for the last three years of his life and he ended up dying of an unrelated pulminary embolism. Poor little guy.
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Do you have the reference values from your laboratory? Did you do a urinalysis, more specifically a specific gravity? Both of these things are needed to accurately interpret the renal values.
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You might want to post Zooey's lab results in TCS's, CRF - Chronic Renal Failure thread.

There is a lot of exellent info about CRF there and members who have experience with this complicated disease might be able to help you interpret her lab results.
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