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Ear Mites

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a few questions..

1) are ear mites contagious? they seem like they are
2) is it safe to treat kittens with the same stuff you use on adult cats?
3) is it okay to use a Q-tip carefully to remove some of the ear mites from the ear? not IN the ear canal, just around it?
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1) yes, contagious. very.
2) ask you're vet. depends on the meds, most cannot be used on kittens under 8 weeks. (trust me, I've seen them used & the kitties are now dead)
3) I'd avoid using a q-tip, just because of the "what if" factor....
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Ive always used the same trick the vet taught me for ear mights. BABY OIL! It drowns them out and you would be amazed how fast it works. I normally use a wet rag to clean them out though!
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oh gosh white cat lover, that is sad, poor kittens! I'll steer clear from that then unless I ask my vet. Yeah that is kinda what I was thinking about the Q-tip thing.

ahaha glitch! that is awesome! what was the youngest cat you used it on? do you think it'd cause any problems with younger kittens?
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We used mineral oil at the shelter I worked at. We also used Revolution when it was available though you do have to be careful of the age. The mineral oil worked a lot better than the Mitaclear, etc. that we tried.
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Whatever you try, please consult your vet first. I know you have 5 week old kittens, & they are more likely to be sensitive to things, so best to check with the vet.
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