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cat eats plastic!!!!

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i always see my cat eating plastic wrappings off the ground!!!! once i saw him actully SWALLOW one a couple days ago.

he will go to the top of the trash can and try to knock the lid off and get plastic out of the trash!!!

how bad is this for him? i try to pick it outta his mouth as fast as i can but sometimes im not fast anough or he scratches me. then he will throw up on my carpet a couple hours later.

i just went around the house and so far i see no plastic. should i bring him to the vet?
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I have a plastic eater too. It's a struggle to keep all the plastic away from him, but since he actually chews on plastic bags (some cats just lick them), I have to be diligent about locking them away. If I forget, then he quickly reminds me by finding another one. A tiny piece of plastic will likely pass through, but longer pieces are a hazard as they can act like strings and wrap around the intestines.
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One of my cats enjoys his plastic also. It's a rather weird habit, and one to certainly watch out for.
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Biting or ingesting plastic bags can be dangerous to a cat...
The plastic can cause an intestinal blockage that can become a life threatening emergency quickly.

There are several theories about why some cats like plastic.
One is that cats like licking or eating plastic bags because rendered animal fat (also called “tallowâ€) is utilized during the manufacture of some plastic bags, and that some cats can detect the smell and enjoy the taste.
Another theory is that gelatin, which is used in the manufacture of some plastic bags, attracts some cats.
But regardless of why they do it...
it is very dangerous to their health and should be stopped.

My cat Dexter is a plastic muncher....
I can't turn my back on him when I bring my groceries home in plastic bags.
They must be secured away immediately or he will start biting them.

I urge vigilance when it come to you cat and plastic...
it could save your kitties life.
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