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leaving kitty

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hey all,
i'm new here...but I thought i'd ask you guys since you know what's best. I just adopted a kitten (he is nearly 4 months old) and my family will be going on vacation for christmas next week. We will be gone for 11 days. I have a friend who has agreed to come by and take care of him once a day and make sure he is all set, but I am nervous that he won't react so well. He is used to spending the day by himself, but he craves attention. I planned on giving him a large area that is secure with toys, etc. but is there anything else I should know? Is this out of the question for such a young kitten? We have another cat (3 years) that we've left every year. she has done just fine.

like I said, someone will be coming once a day, but I still worry. Maybe I should take him somewhere instead?

Thanks! your advice is MUCH appreciated!
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Cats are more comfortable at home. He probably will get lonely but at least he has the other cat for some company.
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That's good that he has another cat there. Could your friend spend some time playing with him?. When i just got Jack as a kitten my friend came in to see to my 3 while i was up in Scotland at my partners, but she would sit and play with them all for about an hour.
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yes, he does have the other cat there. she is older and hasn't exactly warmed up to the idea of a new kitten...so we have been graduatlly introducing them. I had planned to keep them separated (the oder cat with the run of the house, and the kitten having one large room and bathroom).

Is this a good idea? Or should I leave them to keep company, even though they aren't the best of friends? The older cat seems to get agitated whenever around the younger one, I almost feel as though she is scared of the kitten.

thanks for the quick advice guys
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Since the two are not yet compatable to trust together, its probably best to separate them so no one gets in trouble or hurt.
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On the contrary, I'd put them together now, see how it goes (a little hissing and pouting is NORMAL!) and then decide whether to separate them right before you leave. My feeling is--given a week or two together, they'll be just fine. Probably not curled up together, but FINE.
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