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Bengal CL ad

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I found this ad on our local CL. I cannot help her but thought maybe some of you breeders out there may know of someone who can step in to help this little girl. Sounds like her life hasn't been wonderful. Not sure if she really is a Bengal?

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That is so sad. If she was used for breeding it had to be a backyard breeder or a kitten mill. I don't think a reputable breeder would've placed her in a pet home without being spayed.
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She is a Bengal from the photo - looks like a poor quality one. Would agree she's probably from a byb. We had a Bengal on CL in Minnesota - I contacted 2 Bengal breeders locally - one was supposed to try and get the cat from the person and rehome it.

Maybe you can do a little research in Oregon of legit Bengal breeders and let them know of this girl.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Maybe you can do a little research in Oregon of legit Bengal breeders and let them know of this girl.
Or see if you can pick her up yourself and take her to a Bengal Rescue?
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She desperately needs to be spayed. She'll otherwise be snapped up by a byb. She looks like a Bengal, just a pet quality one that shouldn't be bred from.

Poor girl. Is there anyway you could take her and either hand her in to a bengal rescue or get her spayed and foster while finding a home for her? It shouldn't take too long, people are usually keen on getting purebred cats without having to pay full price for them.
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I would love to take her but I cannot have her where I live. I am over my limit with two. I have emailed a total of 7 breeders/rescue organizations in Oregon, am working on Washington now. Joined a Bengal message board and posted about her.

Not sure if any of this will help. Just breaks my heart to see a sweetheart used for breeding with no respect to quality of life. That photo makes me cry.
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Oh and I don't know how to tell a reputable breeder. Hope I didn't email one of those!
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Ok, emailed a rescue and a breeder in Washington state.
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You are doing a great job. Now we just need some vibes and luck and hope that you get answered and someone can help her.

I understand about being over your limit etc. you're doing all you can for her now and that is fantastic.
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