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Merlin lost his manhood!

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Merlin went last Tues. and got his neuter taken care of! Oreo goes next Thurs. to have her thang done. She came into heat ...once again! So, poor Merlin is living in the basement again, cuz someone told me he can still become a daddy for the next 3-6 weeks,boy... they just won't give up, determined little buggers, aren't they? I just figured if this was true, you guys would be the ones who'd know, so until I hear from yall' the basement is his bachlor pad for the next week...Thanx
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Thanx Vikki, That's what I figured, better safe than sorry, because i didn't know for sure. But hey, I believe in UFO's too...lol I guess it comes to say...All things ARE possible. I just wondered if anyone knew for sure. Now, once Oreo's done next week, she doesn't have any hidden secrets, does she? I was ready to call the vet back, cuz Merlin was following her everywhere, I thought he forgot to do something in there... I mean, he's a sweet ole country doc, whata I know? LOL Thanx again
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Yeah, that's what this vet does, remove the ovaries and the uterus. She sleeps in a roomy kennel cab half the time anyway, at night we'll just close the door for the 1st week, just to be sure there's no rough housing while I'm asleep . Thanx for gettin back with me Vikki, your answers have helped make me feel alittle better about the whole thing I'm sure we'll talk again in one forum or another, so til then... you have a great night ...
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You scared me there!!! :laughing: I was going...."WHAT???? Merlin lost his manhood? Say it isn't so!!!" :laughing: (that is because my cat's name is Merlin, and I thought of him immediately when I read the title! )

Actually my merlin has been neutered as well! And your vet is right, unless my vet told me wrong, they can still carry sperm for awhile after they are neutered so it is best to wait awhile until letting them back around females!
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LOL, Sorry Debby, didn't mean to scare you. I'll keep them apart for a couple weeks, cuz Oreo gets spayed on the 13th, and Vikki and I were talking about the rough housing, so they'll be supervised during the day, and seperated at night for about a week afterwards. Then we'll let them party all they want, cuz she'll be all healed up, and his sperm should be :opposite: dead by then and then we can finally be one big happy family, and stay in one room together 24/7 if we chose to.
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Sperm can live, in the tubes leading from the testicles, for some time. One of my mom's dogs got pregnant, by a neutered miniature Schnauzer. They found out, when Mom took Lucky in to be spayed. Those would have been some strange looking pups - Lucky is a Basset hound.
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LOL, yes, they would have been alittle odd looking.... but they would have had their own beauty, you'd have just had to look real hard...lol
I'm keeping the two apart for the next two weeks, to be on the safe side. Thanx for letting me know, at least now I know... IT IS POSSIBLE!
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Make sure that Merlin doesn't move around a lot. When Salem was neutered, I couldn't stop him from running and jumping around. He jumped onto a window ledge, then fell and hurt himself. He wouldn't stop bleeding heavily out of his rear; he almost bled to death. I had to rush him to the emergency vet clinic at 11:00 at night.
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Thanx Magical Kittie, We don't have to worry to much about that. Merlin doesn't run... he saunters, like he's the king or something...lol. He doesn't jump on anything, except my bed... to sleep! But I understand how it CAN happen with a very active kitty. I'm sorry to hear you almost lost your kitty, but very happy to hear he's alright.And I want to thank you for your concern...
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Make sure that you ask the vet for pain medicine for your cats. Some don't offer it, believe it or not! I wasn't offered it for my cats but asked and was given some for them. It did make a difference, especially for the girls, since their surgery is much more invasive than the boys'.
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Yep- for $15.00 extra my vet will give the girls a pain shot right before they go out the door to go home. Makes a big difference in helping them get over the discomfort.
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No one told us Max could become a dad 6-8 weeks after being fixed. Well knowing we had 2 unfixed girls (we thought this would be cheaper... we ended up getting Max done on Friday, the girls on Monday).
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Thanx everybody. I've gotten mixedfeedback from this question, but enough to keep Merlin in the basement til AFTER Oreo's fixed come next Thurs. And thank you for the info on the pain meds. I'll be sure to ask the doc. Have new baby comin into the family next Thurs. another boy (already de-jeweled), yet another persian/mix, 2-3 yrs. old,cream color, named PeKe. I'll just have to put a link on here to imagestation, so all can see my darlins in their album, seeins I just can't master the remote link thing....
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