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advice from those that bring kitties home for the holidays

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Ahhh yes, this is a great time of year!! Time to go home and see the family!!
Well I only live an hour and a half from home, and I insist on bringing kismet and cello home with me. I will be gone a little over a week and with kismets recent sickness I really don't want to leave her with a pet sitter.

I have antiemetics and pill pockets ready for pre-trip (she gets sick in the car) I am bringing home their blankets, beds, litterboxes and food bowls so as much is familiar as possible, oh. and I'll be there!

Really I am wondering if I should just leave them in my room the whole time. Our house is MUCH bigger then the apartment they are used to and we have a dog. They came from a big house with 5 dogs at the shelter and they adjusted pretty well, so I would love to let them wander, but since it's only a week maybe leaving them in one room would be best, sometimes they get sick of eachother though......

in anycase, just wondering if anyone has an tips about moving cats for a short period of time!

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Well with the one that is not 100% ok, I'd keep them in your room the entire time. It will be enough stress on them going to a new place. Be sure to keep a very close eye on the sick one as the stress can make it worse.
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she isn't sick anymore,,,.... pretty much 100% I just don't want to leave her with someone I don't know......JUST INCASE....I of course will be watching her like a hawk.....do anyways. I was thinking of just keeping her in my room
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I would either keep her in my room the whole time, or supervise them carefully for a few hours in a portion of the house and then keep them in my room while I'm out.
I'm bringing my guys home to a house with other cats. Theyve grown up together, and I brought them home with me 2 weeks ago. There was a little bit of "do I know you?" at the beginning, but otherwise it was alright. My sisters new kitten is kinda scared of chester though (who doesn't even notice the little squirt). He's so used to being just with girls, I think it's a macho thing
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we don't have any other cats which is good. I'm going to keep them in my room when i'm not home, but if im in the living room watching movies or something I'll keep them with me. I'm excited to have them with me at christmas....
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If there are no other cats in the house then that is good. But people have failed to mention the dog!!! If he isn't used to 'introders' in his house, he may chase them off!!
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We go see family every year, either for Christmas or Thanksgiving. It depends on when the DH's brother comes back with his family.

We are a traveling circus. My three grown children, my three dogs (105 lbs, 88 lbs and 82 lbs), Zoey, my son's rescued pup (35 lbs) and this year will add the calicos we hope to get next week. My dogs have grown up staying in a hotel for these visits. They ride the elevator up to the room (glass on three sides, so they leave nose prints) and when we head out the door, they know where to go for the bathroom (yes, I take poop bags). The hotel has always allowed pets.
This year, the furries will be staying at my daughter's apt. Two fo the dogs will be crated for their safety and two will be free in the apt. Zoey is used to all of the dogs and has stayed their before. We will probably take the calicos with us during the day as they won't be used to Zoey or the dogs yet.
I really want a motor home or trailer so it will be easier to travel with them.....
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