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Hehehe, so cute!

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We've got these beautiful and noisy wattlebirds around here (from the honeyeater family), and there is a tree outside my bedroom window they just love to munch off. I was just watching one hand upside down off the thinnest branch and it made me smile. I suppose with a whole lot of stress and issues to deal with, the simple things really do make a difference.

I was wondering what sort of native animals you have in your area that come and eat and play and live on your property. Do they do anything funny? Have you adopted one? Have you watched them bring up babies? etc.

I felt like talking about something natury
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Last summer we were having a cookout when we started hearing really strange noises coming from the shed behind the barn. We thought it was a bird at first, but it was so loud and so strange. John and I went back there to check it out. Inside the shed we had a big barrel that had some standing water in it (the shed isn't finished yet so the rain could still come in). We determined that the sound was coming from the barrel. I peeked in and saw two little wet creatures in there. They couldn't get out. I wasn't sure at first what they were and John took off running because he was scared, LOL.
I got the barrel tipped over and out waddled two little baby raccoons! They still hang out, and eat the cat food that we set out for the feral cats that come around.

We also have a hawk that comes around, a family of vultures, a group of deer and something that comes in the night that we can only hear but never see that sounds an awful lot like a peacock but we haven't been able to verify that yet because whatever it is never shows up during the day!

We had a quail last year that showed up one day but it disappeared a few months later.
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We laugh at the antics of the chickadee and titmice - small songbirds. They zip in and out of our feeders to nearby branches to pry the meat from the seeds. They peck at the seed between their toes and we've wondered if any of them missed the seed and hit their toes.

We have squirrels who try to raid the birdfeeders and one has contorted himself in the strangest positions trying to get to the seed or hang on to the feeder. One flipped himself out of the tree trying to get to one feeder.

We also have had deer, coyote, fox, and turkey in our back yard.
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