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Mysterious goings on...

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Bella was really freaking us out last night...she spent a good 30 minutes on DH's side of the bed sniffing at the wall ..I'm not sure if there really was something she was hearing, or if it was just phantom bug chasing... wonder if we have a mousey in the housey...last year before we had the cats, there was something trapped in the wall.

DH looked at me and we both imagined a million awful scenarios...rodent, plumbing leak, cracking masonry, ghost... I hope she doesn't do it tonight.

Anyone else have a kitty that will stare for hours at things you can't see??
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Mine do that all the time. Just the other night there were four kitties in a circle staring at a spot on the wall and there was nothing there!
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My cats did that once and we did have something in the wall! We could actually hear scratching behind the wall.
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
My cats did that once and we did have something in the wall! We could actually hear scratching behind the wall.
Well are you going to tell is what it was or keep us all in suspense?
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I'm thinking rodent...
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Oreo almost every night will stare at the ceiling in our bedroom. Her eyes are wide as if she has found something very interesting but we never see what it is. We think she just has a screw loose and must "see" something that is not there.
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This is Evie's favorite! She rarely plays with toys or other normal kitty things the way Alex does, but if there's a barely visible fuzzy or a shadow on the wall or something else utterly imperceptible to me, she's all over it. I don't know how many times we've tried to figure out what in the world she's playing with or staring at. As long as she's having fun, I suppose I can't complain! It hadn't occured to me that a rodent could be to blame, though... eek!
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I had a scare a few weeks ago. Benson was in the basement with me and everyone else was asleep. He kept staring at the hallway and he looked up/down like a human was standing there. This lasted 15-20mins. He wouldn't move either. When he finally walked to the sofa he stood up a few times to see if "it" was still there.

Spunky stares at the ceiling when the dishwasher is running upstairs. First few times I was freaking out thinking the mouse was back. I finally went upstairs and heard the water. LoL
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Berach does this. He'll stare at the wall with his face barely inches away, haha, he looks crazy.

he loves bugs and goes crazy for them, he chirps LOUDLY and purrs and tries to get them. He does this with "dots and specks" on the wall too.
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Damita is the worst cat for that. Her eyes are way messed up, sometimes her pupils dialate indepedant of each other....she'll like stare at you with one eye & past you with another. Or see something that isn't there. Chase invisible things. I swear, the vet is sure she is blinder than a bat, but sometimes I wonder.....she's kinda freaky with her eyesight!
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Heh.. the first night Niko came home with us, he sat in the middle of our hallway (it forks like a V- he was at the bottom point of the "V") and just /stared/ down the darker section towards the basement door. For like, twenty minutes, pupils as big as dinner plates. Then my mother and I were standing behind him, staring, too... whispering, "Do /you/ see anything?"

I just write it off to ghosts.
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Well, she did it again last night...a good solid 20 minutes of staring and patting the wall in the corner. DH thinks she's hearing something in the vent stack for the plumbing or water running through the long as it's not a rodent We'll have to go in and investigate.

Guess what he's going to be doing this weekend
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Beauty holds her head over the sitting room floor like she can smell something. Or hear something. First time she did it we thought she was going to be sick.

She wasn't, though.
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hahah my kitties do that all the time. my big bengalX simba gets on our entertainment center and scratches at the corner in the wall, or he will sit a few feet back from it and meow at it, looking really creeps me out!

one time he go tup there and was meowing and then started growling and his fur raised up and his tail got HUGE, he just stared really close at the corner of the wall. it was like 2am, I FLIPPED out hahaha
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