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How did you get up there!!!

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A a few days ago I heard a strange sound off to my left as I was sitting on the sofa watching TV...and then I heard a pitiful....Mewwwwoooommmmy....

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Awwwwwwwwww bless her. She probably wanted you to see how clever she was
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Oh my! I might have freaked out if my boys were up there!
What a clever thing she is!
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So.... how'd she get down? (And how DID she get up there?)

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If that was my kitchen, that would be Aristotle up there. He's quite good at flying.
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How in the world did she get up there?! Well, at least she knows now that she can't go up there again or else she'll get stuck.
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We had the same set-up at our apartment. No matter how hard we tried to cover the fridge and top of the cabinets, Benson always found a way up.
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It's so dirty up there, I'm going to have to clean it. She's been up there twice now.

And how did she get down? Me of course =P I precariously perched on a chair then balanced on the counter top to reach up and grab her.
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They can always get up, but can't get back down..

Maverick's the one in the bunch that can always find a way to get up onto a high surface (he's the one in my avatar, on top of the door). He justs loves being up high!

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Whoa, freaky - your kitchen set up is almost identical to mine, except I don't have a space above my cupboards - the rest is just the same - including the type of cupboard door, placements of the stove and where the wall is.

Our kitty has been jumping on the fridge lately, and I'm sure if we had a space like that, she'd be regularly hanging up there as well.
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Oh how cute! She looks so sweet and innocent, like she has NO idea why you are looking at her.

"But mom, I get up here all the time when you're at work!"
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Junior would do the same thing by climbing from the counter to the range hood to the top of the cabinets, scratching the front of the cabinets along the way. Coming down was much more precarious but he would manage it. I finally gave in and built a 30-degree sloping ramp up so he can now walk to the top of the cabinets. Of course, now he rarely goes up there.
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hehe, cleaver kitty

Abby discovered that if she jumped on the counter by the fridge, then onto the fridge that she could get to the top of the cupboards and walk around the wall surrounding my kitchen and have a high view of everything.

Unfortunately she couldn't figure out how to get down and either I had to get her, or she would slide down the wall onto my deep freezer.

One day I stood by the fridge and bribed her to the part of the cupboard above the fridge. She jumped down onto the fridge, then the counter, and finally the floor. After that she managed to get up and down on her own. She just needed me, her meowmy, to show her what to do.
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