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It's Showtime!

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London is going for his triple grand championship this weekend in Huntsville, AL. I'm thinking a Quad is too much to hope for. One never knows though. I will be extremely pleased if he triple's.

Anyone that can spare a vibe or two for London to do well, it'll be much appreciated!

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Maybe vibes for London!!
He's so gorgeous!
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Lots of vibes over here for London's end of the year success!!
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Ooooo, good luck gorgeous! (I'm talking to London, not you, Nial. )


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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
Ooooo, good luck gorgeous! (I'm talking to London, not you, Nial. )


Oh c'mon Betsy, don't lie to everyone!

j/k Thank-you for the vibes!
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
Ooooo, good luck gorgeous! (I'm talking to London, not you, Nial. )
Yeah, yeah Besty

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Lots and lots of vibes for a triple grand!!!

London if you don't make tripe it's all Nial's fault. He didn't groom you enough.
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@ Betsy!!!

Good luck with the show London, you too Nial!!

London is SO handsome
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Good luck!!
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Okay FINE!

I will freely admit that Nial is easy on the eyes. His wife is an attractive woman, and together they are a very good-looking couple that raise incredibly beautiful and sweet Bengals.

There. I admit it. You all happy now? Now Nial has a big head! Sheesh.

I was talking to LONDON in that first post, you goofballs!
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Go London go
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Go for QUAD London!!!!!!!!

Much luck from me!
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Good luck London! You've already got it in my book!
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Sending many vibes for London
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WOW, that is one GORGEOUS boy, I'm sure he'll win!

sending good vibes to the both of you
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Good luck! Although he's such a gorgeous cat that I'm pretty certain he won't need the TCS vibes. However he'll be getting mine
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Sending vibes for London's triple Grand and sending extra vibes for that quad Grand!
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If he does not quad, it is because they have blind judges.
London is magnificent!
Many vibes to him, not that he will need them as beautiful as he is.
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Vibes heading across country from Hollywood California for the gorgeous London. Win the Next Grand Champion!
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that beautiful, handsome young man needs no vibes, but I'll give them anyway
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I will most certainly send lots of Triple grand vibes. Personally I don't think he needs them, as I said in the other thread I think London is the PURRFECT Bengal.

My opinion he should be top cat for the breed, worldwide. He is magnificent.
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I'd like to thank everyone for the well wishes and vibes.

I'm pleased to announce that London is now a triple grand champion and well on his way to quad.
He finished his 3rd show with 5 best of breed awards, 4 second best and 4 finals with one Best Cat.

Pretty sweet for a 9 month old!
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Congratulations London (and Nial and Terry )!!!

With looks like that, there was no way you wouldn't win!
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Hey that's great! Congratulations! We knew you'd do it!
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Congrats! He is a gorgeous boy! Everytime I see another beautiful bengal....I just always wish I were ready for one right now! Good Job Nial and Teri! You guys have some beautiful bengals.
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Best cat!! Congratulations!
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You must be on

Way to go, London!
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Congrats Nial - job well done for you and London....ps - glad you are back on board too
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Hooray for you and for London! he is a magnificent specimen!
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