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Just Tying up loose ends then Goodbye

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Tying up loose ends

As this has obviously gone on long enough and I have been made to feel guilty for bringing up this trivial matter when there is far greater problems and things to deal with especially for Anne I would like to apologise for causing additional hassles.

It has also been pointed out that I have just come here to bash on TCS, its moderators, its owner, and other members which is disturbing in itself as I would never have thought I was doing that or to that extent!! So sorry everyone if I have been doing that to you!

It has been pointed out that I am asking all of you to change for me, because I don't agree with some of the policies here. I don't expect that and I am sorry if I gave that impression. That in itself is a good reason to leave so that you can all get on with things.

As Daniela has pointed out, "You have several times mentioned that others feel the way you have, yet nobody else has come forward with these same complaints. Until they do, I don't think that its fair to ask all of us to change for you, because you don't agree with some of the policies here. There are members who agree with you I am sure, but other than posting generalized statements, nobody has come forward with any complaints"
I guess that's very true and thank you Daniela for putting me back in my place and giving me a reality check. I have been very selfish. Thinking I was not the only one to feel this way but obviously I am. Also I wouldn't expect people to put themselves on the line.

As it is coming across that I am enjoying this is very distressing! I am not and have had a lot of trouble coming to terms with what has happened. I have spent the last 6 months here and have made close friends so the last thing I wanted to do was this! I am emotional and heart sick.

I wanted to tie up a few loose ends before I take my leave if that's okay with everyone!

I will be working with Ginger (Coco Maui) on the Feline Valentines through email so as not to bother anyone on the site! If those of you wish me not to participate or want me to withdraw my cats please let me know and I will ask ginger to do so and get her to match them with someone more worthy! I made a special Valentines card for Anne's Cat Merlin from all the female kitties as Anne liked the idea but obviously doesn't have the time to join in ( I didn't ask you all but hope no one minds) but that can be deleted also if requested!

Those of you that have my email and wish to do so please stay in touch! I will be updating my website with photos and news regularly so if you wish to pop in from time to time that would be great.

Thank you for everything

Lot's and lot's of love, hugs and kisses

Leslie, Tatyana, Harry, Hayley, Amy and the famous five


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Dont leave on account of what people think about you or dislike what they say. If you do, it's like letting them win... If someone doesnt lke the fact that Amy had kittens (just an example), then they should keep their comments to themselves...
You have my email if u want to chat!
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I really wish you wouldnt leave.

Please stay.
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I hate to see you go...we will miss you terribly! I do hope that you check in occasionally with us here...even if it's just to say hi. Do you still have my email addy? I've saved yours and hope to keep in touch with you. Please take care of yourself, ok? I worry about you...I know how much stuff you've got going on in your life right now and just hope that stay healthy & safe. Luv ya Mate and I'll miss ya!
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I hate to see you go! I enjoyed your posts a lot, and I really think things just got out of hand, along with maybe a few cultural differences. I hate to say it, but I have felt the same way you do several times. I have been PMed and scolded for using the same abbvreviation of a not so nice word as a moderator had used in the same thread, and have been talked down to because I have strong opinions on some sensitive subjects. This had absolutely nothing to do with Anne, or most of the other members of this board, just a self righteous few, and I am sure they know who they are. These are the ones that will be the end of this board as we know it, and it is a crying shame. Even though I know this was very upsetting for you, please don't let it make you leave the board completely.
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BundyLee, please don't leave because of this. I really think things just got out of hand too.
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Looks like I must have really missed something!
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Have you been asked to leave the forums?
You have so many friends here that would miss you if you go. If you are still welcome here, please stay

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I'll miss you Leslie and really wish you wouldn't leave! I know things got really out of hand over a great misunderstanding. But if you were to leave, I would dearly miss your humor and sense of fun.
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I'm really sorry to see you leaving. I think things got way out of hand. I feel as if I know you, a little at least, through this board. I know we haven't spoken often, but I would like to keep in touch? please PM me your e-mail address, and I am going to PM you mine!
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Bundy...I'm sad that you are leaving. I thought, maybe given a day or two that this whole situation would go away.

I have had nothing but great laughs with you and will miss that....

I just wanted to leave you with one thought:

By leaving here, the only people you are hurting are: yourself, and all your friends that you talk to here on a daily basis. And that, in all honesty does not always include the MODS. I know you are angry at what happened. I just never thought you would walk away from all the friends you've made here. I think you should reconsider.......Yes, you can still communicate through email. It's not the same though....

Sometimes we think that the easiest solution to a problem is to walk away. Maybe that is the solution to this problem but I also think that if you decide to stay.....that would be more than ok with many of us.

Like many have said...things got really out of hand.

Take care of yourself and please know where to find me, and many others, should you need someone to talk to on a rainy day
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I just never thought you would walk away from all the friends you've made here.
Please don't make me cry more than I already have!!! I love all my dear friends here and whilst I agree fully that it's not the same I can't be here if this is what happens! I do not wish to have this happen every few months! I will always be there for anyone that needs me and will always look forward to hearing from you all. Thank you all for your kind words and support! I know at the time I made the decision to go ahead and post what I felt that it would mean the end for me but I felt that I had to do the right thing or I would forever feel the injustice that went on! I used to be the kind of person that just put up with things and let people walk over me but I don't want to be that way! We all have a choice and I made mine! I am so lucky to have met you guys and will always hold you in my heart!

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*gulp* I hate when I get quoted...I always think I've said something wrong.....

I'm sorry Bundy...don't mean to make you cry.

I still stand by my thoughts's not too late to change your mind. I honestly believe you are only hurting yourself.....

On the other hand, I guess if you feel in your heart that this is what you want....then I respect your choice and I wish you all the best. I have no doubt in my mind that you will find tons of friends out there. You have that kind of personality.

It's just terribly sad that things have to end this way.
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I know we never really got to know each other, but I am very sad that you are leaving. You always had something great to talk about, and you always made me laugh. Please don't go! So many people would love you to stay. It's going to be so different around here.

For you Leslie

A friend is someone we turn to
when our spirits need a lift,
A friend is someone we treasure
for our friendship is a gift.
A friend is someone who fills our lives
with beauty, joy, and grace
And makes the whole world we live in
a better and happier place.

I will miss you and your kitties
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Leslie, thank you for your post. I'm sorry about the whole thing as well. I also think this was mainly a big misunderstanding. I'm sorry that you got hurt.

If you still decide to leave - my best wishes for you and your family.
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Lesley, darling,

Please don't go. I'm not sure what exactly happened, or the where's and whathaveyou's, but can't you stay?

Diana x
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Leslie, I sent you a pm.
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Leslie, I hope you do pop in on occasion. This forum won't be the same without your witty posts! Maybe just take a break and come back in a few months when things have cooled down a little. You obviously have a lot of friends here, and we will miss you terribly! Please keep in touch whatever you decide to do.
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Bundy I truly understand your choice, but wish wholeheartedly that you did not have to make it. I will miss you here and you bet your tushie that we will be keeping in touch. I think if you end up deciding to post, then do so and ignore the negativity, but girl you cause more positivity on this site then most people. You are a bright ray of sunshine and to me the site will be a darker place without you here!
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Leslie, I think it's like a wound; it can heal but the scar will always be there.
It's not a matter if you like to leave, it's a matter that you cannot make things undone. If it never should have happened there should not be a wound so there should not be a scar. But it did happen and the wound is there and the scar will remain. That's the problem, things can never be the same again and that's why you leave. Ofcourse you have a lot of friends here, but if they are real friends they will stay in touch. You cannot stay because things have changed for you and not because you want to leave. And I think that the people who realy know you and love you, know how much you regret this.
Leslie you are a very sweet good hearted sensitive woman and you made the decision
that's best for you. Keep going girlie and let nobody try to change you! Your on your best as you are!
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who will help us destroy the evil BuNN? We will be lost without your leadership!
We will miss you terribly! At least visit enough to put BuNN in his place once in a while!
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Teresa - Unfortunately BuNN is gone, too. Visit his Suki's world website -- he says he's not coming back.
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Leslie, dear, I'm sorry that it has come to this. I agree with Anne, this has mainly been because of a very big misunderstanding (on all sides). Everyone got emotional, and when emotions come to the fore thing get said that shouldn't be said and a lot of people were hurt because of it. You have many, many friends here, and many people who look forward to your posts. You will be sorely missed, as will BuNN (as silly as he was and still is I'm sure).
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Leslie, You know how I feel. You have made many friends, and they will not forget you. I am so sorry that all of this has happened. Pehaps we will see you again; I hope so. My thoughts are with you.
Please stay well and safe until we all meet again. So long, cobber.
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