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I have two cats 8 yrs and 4 yrs. The younger has taken the Top Cat (TC) position since I moved into a new townhouse, and she is emulating the older cat when she was TC. This includes hissing, growling and hitting at me when I want her to move (from the back of a chair, to come indoors from my cat secured patio), and her favorite is "the look." A catloving friend saw it the other night and quickly commented on it. My older, former TC has still tried to "keep me in line" with her hissing, hitting and hiding behind furniture and jumping on my feet as I pass, but she has come under the younger animal's heavy paw. The big status fight is the sleeping site by/on me at night! The status site changes with whims, but the dominant cat defends it each and every night. Previous cats who were not dominant slept on the bed but away from my body, were much more laid back (passive) when I would pick each up, pet, etc. Hope this input is the type of info you wanted.