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My Ruffus

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My darling Rufus, you came into my life 6 months after Saffron had died. I saw you at the Shopping Mall, standing all alone and scared and I brought you home with the intention of giving you to friends. But you knew different, you captured my heart and I fell in love with you very quickly. My ginger tom with the beautiful markings who looked like a lion and walked like a tiger. You will always be the special one, the last cat our complete family had, one by one you are leaving me and it's breaking my heart. I read it was the end of an era when a dog died, well it's the end of an era and your world when your beloved cat dies. I hope you knew I was only doing what was right for you, I never wanted to end the way it did. My darling Rufus, my friend for nearly 14 years, I miss you so much, til we meet again.
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That was so simply put and very touching. It literally brought tears to my eyes! I could feel the love that you have for Rufus through your words...he was a very lucky kitty to be a part of your life.
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Eliza, You know that I have been thinking about you since you first posted about Rufus. I so hoped you would have a bit more time with him. Your thoughts were for his comfort, and it was obvious that you loved him very much. As precious as he was to you, he is more precious to his Maker. I believe you will see him again, because we have such a loving God. God bless you and give you comfort.
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Dear Eliza,

I'm so sorry to hear about Rufus... having just gone through this myself only a week and a half ago, I really feel your pain. The letter that you wrote was beautiful! It made me have a few tears... I did the same thing when my K.C. died. I wrote him a long letter in my journal, and you know, it made me feel better. I hope you can take some comfort in that as well.

I now have a picture of him by my bed, and I'm sure to give a kiss and say "good-nite sweetie" each nite and a " hello" in the morning, just like I always did. It helps.

Well, once again, my thoughts are with you. Take care.
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It's so hard to lose such a friend! I hope you both find peace of mind and eventually, joy in rembering these pets.
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