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9 Month Kittens - Strange eyes.

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I have two wonderful kittens, both jet black. They are nine months old, one male and one female. Both have been 'done'. They have also had all the jabs. Both are also frontlined.

Over the last couple days the cats third eye lids have become increasing obvious. On the female now they are always up to her pupils. I have spoken to the vet over the phone and they have said that the cats are fine as long as they are eating and lively which they are.

This is not normal for my cats though, which is a worry to me.

I would really appreciate some advice
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I suggest that you call another vet, as that is NOT normal.
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When a cat's third eyelid starts showing it is a sign of illness. Call another vet.
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Now i'm upset

Please can you tell me more, I have attached a pic.

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We can't tell you anything. This is sign of illness... any illness. Please go to another vet as soon as possible, it's not normal at all!
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Eye problems should always be evaluated by a veterinarian in person. Your vet should stain the eyes to check for ulcers.
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Could be many things...I've heard this can be a sign of eye injury (like someone posted, ulcers or abrasions), could be a cold or fever, or, could be feline herpes (but that is usually occompanied by conjunctivitus (pink eye)).

My kittens had similar symptoms to yours, showing thier third eyelid...but they also had an on-going eye infection, even after being treated with antibiotics... I started giving them l-lysine, because I suspected feline herpes and after an especially long treatment with antibiotics that my vet perscribed + l-lysine they are now finally third-eyelid normal, well, most of the time.

I would agree with everyone else that you need to take them to a vet, to at least check for fever, etc. If the vet says everything is ok, you could try treating them with l-lysine daily and see if it clears up (which would mean that they could have feline herpes).

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It could be the start of an eye infection or other illness. Also can be a sign of worms. Its NOT normal. I would look for another vet if your vet told you its normal and not to worry!
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