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Moving and worried about my cat

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Hello guys!

I am in a sticky situation. We are moving to Atlanta and my husband's transfer fell through. Of course we are bringing Sawyer with us, but without jobs we are in a bind. Our friends graciously allowed us to stay on the top floor of their house until we found jobs. The only problem is that they have a dog, a Yorkshire. She's small, but she's very boisterous.

We are afraid that Sawyer is going to have a nervous breakdown. What should we do? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Try Feliway. Can you keep the Yorkie away from shutting Sawyer upstairs until he gets used to the new place?
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As long as the cat and dog don't meet you shouldn't have a problem. Will the dog have access to that area you all will be staying in? If not, keep the cat upstairs to your area.
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The upstairs part of their house has two large bedrooms and a bathroom. We can close the doors to the bedrooms, but you have to go to the hallway to go to the bathroom. The kitchen is downstairs where Emily is. So the cat would be confined to the bedroom we don't use. But to make a long story short the dog can go upstairs but can't get into the rooms unless the door is open.

Is this too cruel of an arrangement? We would be in the rooms with him. But we know that Emily would like to play. Jeez I'm torn.
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Could you maybe put up a cheap baby gate to keep more of an area off-limits to the dog and safe for the kitty?
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You may be surprised in the end - many cats (who are nothing if not curious!), if living in a house where there's a dog, will want to get to know the dog and make it their business to do so. They may be scared on one hand, presenting the fur-in-the-air, on their toes sideways pose and hiss a lot at first, but (if mine are anything to go by) when mealtime comes around, suddenly get very brave and push the dog out of the way to eat his/her food themselves! As long as they have enough space to walk around the 'other' in doorways, etc., they generally do ok. I have a feeling the Yorkie's going to be in for a change, if anything, and being so tiny himself, I'd be more worried about him than the cat!
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I adopted two cats that never lived with a dog and they get along fine with my three large dogs.

They were scared at first but after a week or two they realized the dogs were not going to hurt them, they are out numbered after all , and they pretty much ignore them now. I guess to them they are just big goofy looking cats.

My mom has two adopted cats and it also took a couple weeks but they both blended in well with her yippie poodle.

I would just see how things go. They may end up becoming the best of buds.
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