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The Result!

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Holly had just got back from Vets!
The Vet said it's not 100% sure but theres a Pretty Good chance Holly is pregnant!!!!!!

They have also registerd her on the Pregnacy list so when Babys are 10 weeks old they will have homes waiting.

Signs are so far:

Eating Alot
Sleeps alot
Large tummy.

The Vet did say for her her and size she does have a large tummy!!!
Not swollen pink nips yet tho
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Awww! So, I presume that she is healthy otherwise? You're going to have little baby fuzzies running around soon!
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Yep they said shes in perfect health.
Thanks to flea n worm treatment I give her hehe.

So just gotta wait and see if she is preggie.
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The large nipples will come soon if she is. They don't usually start get a large tummy until around 5 weeks. I'd say 3-4 weeks to go!!!
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Just gotta wait for the nippys to get bigger.
I kinda hope she is ^.^
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You can be Uncle Leedsboi!
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I've added Holly to our "Kitten Watch" thread under the "not sure" section for now.


Please keep us updated on her progress!
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Congrats! Kittens, Like babies are that piece of Heaven we get to hold in our arms!
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