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My Little Man is Getting Neutered

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I felt so awful taking poor Kit in this morning. He cried in the car, scratched at his little carrier, gave me those big, mournful "Mommy, WHY?" eyes... haha. Poor little guy.

I put a pillowcase from our bed in there with him, as it has both of his mommies' scents on it, and his first little mousy from when he was a baby (it came with him from my client, who had bought him it to play with when he was still a feral-esque baby living outside), and asked the vet to put them both in the cage with him when it was all over.

They're going to be calling me at 3pm to let me know how he's doing and tell me when I can pick him up. I feel sooooo bad.

He's getting neutered, microchipped, having his last distemper, and his rabies vax. And getting his claws trimmed.

Any post-op advice from you guys? I know he'll probably be tired, and the vet's going to let me know what to do about food. But words of comfort and advice are certainly welcome, as I am a nervous nellie when it comes to my little guy.
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Aww we hope everything goes great at the vets for your little guy
Hope he has a successful surgery & a speedy recovery!
We have to have our girls spayed & don't look forward to leaving them there either...
Update us all on how your cute little man is doing
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My Oliver is going in Saturday for the chop... we got the appointment set yesterday evening and I suspect he knows as he suddenly lost his usually hearty appetite, poor boy!!
Let's hope for the best and keep our fingers toes and paws crossed for our boys!
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Don't worry, they're tough little things! I had my two spayed and neutered last week and my Oscar got hardly any of the attention afterwards as he was so fine! He was playing again that evening and was generally so well that I took a second look just to make sure that he was actually neutered and they hadn't just forgotten about him at the vets.
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Junior walked tenderly for a few days and was overly clingy during that time. Afterwards he was his usual self. I don't remember his appetite differing during those few days but it's been a few months.

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Update: Kittenpants is home, and happy to be! The first thing he did when he got here was smell everything, and then he proceeded to dig in to his (small portion of) food, of which he's been deprived since last night. He's used the litterbox, already tried to get into mommy's dinner, and jumped up on the bed to say hello. He seems perfectly fine, and the vet said he did great. He slept in the carrier on the way home, and purred when mommy pet him.
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Glad to hear your little one is bouncing back so well
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