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Vet visit

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I took Red to the vet yesterday for boosters, de-worming, etc. Routine stuff. Last night he slept all night, which is a first, but the vet mentioned that he would probably go to bed early because the shots and the gathering of blood and stool samples probably would wear him out.

He slept all night, which awesome. This morning though (it's 9:00 now) he hasn't eaten anything, and is still real subdued. Doesn't want to chase his toys or anything.

He did visit the litter box upon waking up and pooped and peed, though, so I thought that was a good sign.

Is this all normal after a vet visit? Should I give him a little more time to recuperate before getting worried?
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This is a very normal reaction for cats after having vaccinations. Please don't worry. It's not the vet visit that did it, it's the vacs.

Vaccinations can make the cat lathargic and reduced or no appetite. Keep an eye on him. He should be fine in a day or two.
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Sounds preety normal, the thing to watch for is difficulty breathing.
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Thanks everyone He's back to his ornery self now. I almost liked it better when he slept all day and didn't wake me up at 5am

Careful what you ask for, I guess!
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