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Question of the Day - December 6th

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Here's a question that GailC suggested:

How often do you wash/clean out your vehicle??? Do you do it yourself or take to carwash??

not nearly enough The inside of my car is like a rolling garbage dump
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You're supposed to clean them????
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
You're supposed to clean them????

We don't clean are car as often in the winter...its tooooo cold
Our car is neat & organized when we have warmer weather
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I've been in Virginia for 2 years now and I think I still have Oklahoma road dust on my dashboard
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I don't drive, but Gils car is a disgrace!. Everytime i go to his and he picks me up he always says "I must clean this car out tomorrow", but he never does.

He's driving to mine tomorrow and i feel like saying "Get it cleaned out before you park it on my drive!"
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well, when we have time, I´ll do it.....but I prefer to take it at car wash..... (Lazy person isn´t?......)
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Originally Posted by AlleyGirl View Post
I've been in Virginia for 2 years now and I think I still have Oklahoma road dust on my dashboard
glad I'm not the only one!
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Not as often as I'd like!
I was happier when I worked at the car dealership, they would do a complete detail on my car every Friday for free

I miss that & I think my car does too
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We do it when we get around to it! My husband washes it by hand mostly, and I mostly take it to have it done. After the one or two snows we get each year we get it done with the "undercarriage" wash to clean the salt off. We clean the inside as needed, but it stays pretty clean.
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It depends in the summer I wash it every other week, but once it gets winter, maybe once a month or after theres been a lot of salt on the roads. But you cant tell that its been washed but oh well.
My Boyfriends car on the other hand, it is his baby, it gets washed fairly often, about once every other week, but then it gets completely hand detailed before every car show.
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When I actually have a car that's on the road, I wash it whenever it needs to be washed. My current car is my little Beetle which still needs a bit of work before it's road worthy. But I still wash it every couple of months anyway.
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During winter maybe once or twice - you can't really wash it in freezing temps If it hits 40/50 for a day, we will wash it to get the salt off.

In the summer - maybe once a month

Its split in auto car wash and hand car wash - depends on our time schedules
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Sheba gets run through the carwash two or three times a year -- and is usually pretty filthy when that happens. The interior is pretty tidy, but MUCH in need of a vacuuming.
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Our car gets cleaned out when someone else is going to sit in it besides me and my boyfriend. The outside gets cleaned a few times a year.
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Clean? What's that about?
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Hmmm, in the winter not much. Right now I can only fit two people in my car because my back seat is full of stuff
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We've washed our Integra maybe 2 times since we got it last January - it's due for a cleanin'! It's our beater car though, so we don't try and keep it sparkly. The inside is a mess. As soon as we clean it out (2-3x a month), it gets horrible filled with junk again!

Our other 2 cars have been sitting since 2005 and 2006, and haven't been cleaned since. But then again, mine is empty, just part's storage right now, as is Rob's.
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My car is black, and shows dirt really well, I usually hand wash, wax and vacuum it before it gets really cold. In the summer, I usually wash it every week, in the winter, only when needed. The inside stays pretty clean if I am the only one driving it, but, if, DH drives it to work, it stays a mess until I clean it up!! Right now, it is in dire need of cleaning as he has been driving it to work alot here lately. I will usually drive thru a car-wash mostly in the winter time.!!
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The inside of my car has a little dust in it, but no eating is allowed inside and the only two things that actually get left in the car are the sun shield and the snow brush.

The outside of the car gets hand washed at least once a month (unless it is freezing) and hand waxed several times a year with the wax-as-you-dry the rest of the times it gets washed.

I wasn't like this until I got married
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
How often do you wash/clean out your vehicle??? Do you do it yourself or take to carwash??

not nearly enough The inside of my car is like a rolling garbage dump
Need to find an incline and park the van so I can open the side doors and take advantage of gravity.
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I do mine about once a month in the summer, once ever time it warms up in the winter and the outside gets washed just after the spring thaw and several times in the summer and fall... i'm a clean freak
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Does leaving my bike out in the rain count ?

People sometimes leave candy wrappers or empty soda cans in my pannier bags when my bike's parked outside the supermarket (last week somebody put a huge bag of old bread in there, what was up with that ?), I always deposit those in a nearby trashcan right away.
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I will normally wash it once or twice in 3 years of owning it. That's the fun of having agray car.

As for internal cleaning. Heh hehe...ummm...way less then I want to. However I always feel better when I get into B's car. He uses his backseat as the garbage can
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I try to keep my car clean- well, I try to keep my NEW car clean. I just washed it at the carwash last weekend and cleaned out the inside (including vacuuming). Since I just got it in July, I washed it a lot during the summer. My other cars usually went years at a time before I would clean them .
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My white Honda doesn't really show the dirt much, so consequently, it doesn't get washed as often as it should...maybe 4 times a year, and always at the car wash. The inside gets cleaned a little more often, but not much! Right now, the windows need to be washed on the inside, but it's so cold that I keep putting it off. It'll probably happen in the spring, lol!
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We try to take good care of ours. I empty out all trash/wrappers/etc from the side doors at the end of every day normally. We wash ours every few months (maybe 2-3 months) or more if they need it and we keep rain x on the windshields/etc.
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My car is so trashy. I hardley ever clean it. I've been trying to get hubby to do it because he's been using my car for the past five months.
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Well doing landscaping for a living does not help towards having a clean truck!! I can haul anything from plants (in the cab and the bed), screenings, pavers, topsoil, mulch, weeds, brush in the back.

One advantage of owning lots of land is I can drive and dump some of the debris on the compost pile, brush pile to be chipped up pile or burn pile!! I also have spots to park the truck on an incline and hose out the truck bed. But the exterior can get a bit grimey!!
The inside gets cleaned/vaccuumed out fairly often when I am in season working.
Its not too bad now that I'm done and the only items we will be hauling is firewood from the farm or lumber.

The car is much cleaner-except if I use it to buy/transport plants-then I have to vaccuum-thank goodness for leather seats!!
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