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sad day

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I'm really kind of bummed and devastated.

My cat Sapphire (the sister of the one with the seven babies) finnaly gave birth to her much awaited babies yesterday.

She diddn't seem to be very maternal, as my husband came out of a room to find the babies lying scattered around the floor.

One was dead, the other barely alive. He quickly put the alive one back with her, and called me. I told him to come quick with her to where I was at our other premises (we live between two residences for work purposes)

On the way, she had another in the cat carrier, but diddn't clean it and we diddn't know till she got here, and the baby died on the way.

The remaining one struggled on for 24 hours, I took it to the vet, tried to hand feed it, it was so small. The mother wasn't caring for it, when we got it to the vet, the vet said it was very cold, and although it was a fighter, that it was obviously struggling.

When I got it home, I got desperate. I wasn't letting this baby die. So I went on Petlink, an animal advertising site and advertised for someone , anyone, with a lactating mother cat to try and get a surrogate mommy for the baby as Sapphi obviously wasn't doing her job.

A lady contacted me about her ragdoll mother whom had just had her babies taken away/weaned and still had milk, and that she'd care for it. She rushed out here, over half an hour away and collected the kitten (some people are heaven sent, i'm so extremely grateful to her for this)

She took the kitten I've named Jai home, and the ragdoll kitty licked it and tried to mother it, but it was too late and the baby died.

So, although I have seven beautiful, healthy, babies by Mya, all Sapphi's babies are gone. It's devastating. I love them all, and sometimes life kicks you in the balls. I've named the kittens Sky, Jai & Liah. At least then when I burry them, they can be burried together and with names to honour them.

So Sad.
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Oh my goodness how sad

Play happily at the bridge you sweet angels. There'll be lots of kitties at the other side waiting to be mums to you all, and keep you safe and secure until you see your real mum again

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Aww, poor sweet babies They may have been born with a defect of some kind and that is why the mother rejected them.

I am so sorry for your loss. RIP sweet babies
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How sad....
the woman who offered her sweet Mama kitty to help was an angel.
I hope that Sapphire is OK...
I would take her in for a vet ck. and have her spayed poor sweetie.

Rest in peace babies.
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I am so sorry..I can't imagine losing so many kitties at once

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Oh I am so sorry this is sad news indeed. May they all Rest In Peace now.
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Im so sorry for the loss of your sweet babies. You did a good job trying to save them though and they're playing over the bridge now.... RIP Sweet Babies
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i am so sorry to hear this, RIP little ones, and i hope mum will get spayed so she doesnt have to go through this again.
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Oh my terribly sad. That was so sweet of that lady to come and try to help. Some people really are heaven sent!
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That is such a sad story. I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace little babies.
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Im so glad she has the other kittens to help take care of... I bet they help her with her mourning! Its never easy to lose a cat, but kittens are just unfair to lose. So little. So helpless. So beautiful!
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RIP little ones.
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