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1 year ago today,,,

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Hi, It is one year today since I adopted Cozmo. It took me awhile to get over loosing Tuffy and wanting Cozmo to replace him, but now I know there will never be another Tuffy any more than there could ever be another Cozmo.

I finally have as close a connection with Cozmo as I did with Tuffy and I feel Cozmo is as close to me as Tuffy was so what more could I ask for?

The only complaint I have now is they grow up to fast, He is still almost as nuts as when he was a little kitten but they are just so cute when they are little.
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Glad that you and Cozmo have a good bond Tom, they are never replacements for a much loved cat, but they can still be a good friend.
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I'm really happy to hear your getting close with Gizmo Tom I know what you mean there is no replaceing an old friend is there but it is nice to make new ones especially when there so cute , furry , cuddly & insane

I lost my JJ recently I felt really lost but I have made a new friend Sabastian he's as crazy as they come he's not my JJ and never will be but we are getting closer I hope to have that bond with him someday
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....aaaaawwww sounds tender!........
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Happy Adoption Day Cozmo!! Tom I am sure Tuffy is glad to see you happy again with Cozmo. Perhaps it was Tuffy who sent him over to you!
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Thats great to hear that you & Cozmo have a close bond
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Happy adoption day Cosmo.

It's Benson's gotcha day too
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Happy Gotcha Day Cozmo!
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Happy Day to Cozmo!
Yeah, I have budgies (parakeets) too. Last 12/26, I had to put my favorite, Vida Blue, to sleep. He was the most special bird I ever owned. He would gladly come to any person but especially to me. He learned "people talk" quickly and then taught the other birds what he learned. I miss him so much.
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I remember when you adopted Cozmo!! So glad to know that a year later he's doing well and that you've bonded with him and he with you! Happy Gotcha Day, Cozmo!

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has it really already been a year??!

Happy Gotcha Day Cozmo, you handsome thing!
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Yup, got him the afternoon of December 6 2006.
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I know that Tuffy will always be your special one. But I'm so glad that you are able to make a place for Cosmo in your heart.

Happy Gotcha Day, Cosmo.
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