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Mums building was evacuated

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There was a new bulletin that a building in the city had an explosion from either a electrical substation behind it or under it in the basement car park, and that people were trapped in lifts, the firefighters are still trying to find people and some have been taken to hospital. This building is number 570, my mums is 600. So i called up and left a message for her to ask if she was ok, as they might have closed the street off. She calls my dads mobile to talk to him as she says the home phone is busy, and no one was on it!. So she doesnt call me back, he tells me one thing and the news report tells me another. Now ive just read 7000 people have been evacuated from that building AND my mums building, and that there are people trapped in mums building as well. The lady who answered the phone said she was in the bathroom and dad tells me he knows everything that happened and he was no help at all. now im waiting for my mum to email me back and at least tell me everything is ok.

Grr. I wish he would butt out!!
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I will pray that she is ok and contacts you soon!
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I am sure she is ok, I hope she calls or emails you soon.
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I finally got a reply from her:
I got your message - thanks. I went to lunch at about 1.05 and walked around for a while. Outside they blocked off Bourke Street and there were fire engines, ambulances everywhere. You could smell burning rubber or something.

Apparently cars were on fire in the basement in the building next to us.

I got back at about 1.30 and all the power was out in our building. The lifts weren't working either. So we sat around downstairs for about an hour and then were told to evacuate to the Telstra Dome. Just before we went there the firemen said power would come on in about 10 minutes and we got back in at about 2.45. Some people had to walk down the stairs as we were told to evacuate the building


I'm glad everyone is ok. They said 28 people were treated at the scene and 6 taken to hospital with breathing problems but nothing too serious. It just really scared the hell out of me.

This heat is terrible and is really effecting power sources here
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I am glad to hear she is ok. I sure that it's a scary experience for both of you.
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I'm glad your Mom is ok! That is really scary!
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