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New Hideout

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I have the computer room set up as Seamus's room, litterbox, ironing board to lounge on as I sit on the computer, and his carrier without the door underneath, plus the closet is fairly empty so he can go hang out in there.

I went through hell with vet visits all summer between his illness and neuter getting him into the carrier, fighting with him, trapping him in the closet to get him to crawl in because he had no choice... etc... so today I'm sitting here, he's on the desk, then at my feet, and then he stops... I turn around and he wasn't on the ironing board, he's HANGING OUT in the carrier, laying there relaxing! It was the cutest thing, but at that moment I had a few choice names for him... because all I think is, "Why couldn't you do that in July and August when I was wrestling with you and trapping you in corners forcing you in the carrier you little ____!"

So hopefully, that now means he's developed some comfort with the carrier and if I need to get him in, he'll be more willing *Yeah right, I know better*
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My kitties do the samething. Aren't they funny.
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Bella is very fond of napping in her carrier although only once has it worked out to my advantage
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