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Regarding cop who sued family for fall...

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I'm not sure if this one has been discussed recently, but I saw an update article on the police officer who slipped and fell in a families home while going to rescue a 1 year old boy from drowning there. The article says that she has now been fired for suing them and bringing public ridicule to the agency and damaging it's reputation.


I personally thought it was despicable that she sued a family who has been dealing with the tragedy of almost loosing a child, and has now been left disabled.

However I don't remember the exact circumstances of WHY she thought she should sue. I don't recall hearing a good reason why the family should compensate her for her injuries.

Another thought I had, if she was hurt there, wouldn't it be an injury in the line of duty? And shouldn't that have entitled her to something since knee injuries can be disabling to a person, especially one where the person is required to be physically fit?
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yep i would think it would, the cop here the owns the local drive thru, hurt his back couple of years ago, how chasing a guy that escaped the court house, since then he has been stuck at a desk job(which he hates).

hmm, i dont know about her being fired, but that is the country we live in with everyone being sue happy.
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Wow. I hadn't heard of that when it happened. She definitely deserved worker's comp or whatever they call it for police officers, but it wasn't the family's fault. Was the water on the floor there as the result of the near-drowning?
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Yes, according to the article I read (when this first happened, so it has been a while) the water was there because it dripped off the little boy when he was brought in the house to be helped.

Workers Comp should cover this with no problem. If she does sue and get money from the family, the WC insurance company will jump in a recoup all they paid toward medical bills anyways, so the police officer probably won't get a lot more anyways.

Sueing was pretty stupid and cold all the way around.
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Sounds like someone who know longer wanted to be a cop.
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Workers Comp should cover that too, if the injury gives a permanete disability. I would think as a cop you would hve to be at full physical capacity. Workers Comp should pay for retraining to some sort of desk job.

I worked for a company that provided workers comp for almost 20 years. If she isn't getting what she wants from the WC insurance, she should have her lawyer go after them. I've seen alot more flimsly cases win in court.
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