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Newish Pics of Chloe

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It seems like for every picture I have of Mattie, I have 20 pictures of Chloe. Probably because all Mattie does is sleep in the same spot all day Anyway, here are some recent pictures of Chloe. She's almost 4 months old (birthday was approximately August 15th). All of these pictures (except the last 3) were taken over Thanksgiving at my mom's house.

It's time to open my treats mom.

My new feather teaser toy.

I like to pretend I'm a hamster.

Bwahaha, finally got it.

Being a kitten is so tiring!

There's water down there and I want to drink it but I don't want to get wet. How the heck do I get down there?

Forget that.

Getting ready to go home after my Thanksgiving road trip.

So sleepy!

I like to stick my tounge out at people. (Ignore my messy ears, they had just been cleaned out by the vet).

My new favorite sleeping spot - mom's printer. (Again, ignore the messy ears).
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She is such a beauty
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She is gorgeous!!
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She is so pretty!
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Just dying of curiosity, can I post your pic on my blog?
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What a gorgeous kitten!
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Aww Chloe is a beauty! Her fur coloring is so pretty :
Thank you for sharing her photos, hope to see more of her & Mattie
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What a little beauty I hope we see a lot more of her...that face is sooo sweet, I want to give her a
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Beautiful cat!!
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She is absolutely adorable! I love that sweet little face and pink little tongue!
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Chloe is one gorgeous cat!!!
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She is a charming little baby! The tongue picture cracks me up!
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shes so cute!
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Oh my goodness she just melts my heart!!!!! Everytime I see a picture of her sleepy face
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What a beautiful girl! I think I'm in love
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