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Help! Pregnant Cat!

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My cat is huge now,we're guessing she's due in about 3 days,but not sure when she became pregnant. And today she's already had her breakfast,and lots of biscuits,and she's had 3 lots of milk. Since she's pregnant we are letting her have 3 a day,but its only 11.45am and she's had the 3 already.
And she keeps wondering around,trying to get into the draws,etc and she keeps meowing sometimes,but she still hasnt had them.

how can you tell that she's just about to have them? People have said they will go off food,but she's eating even more now,so i dont think thats going to happen.
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Is she on a high quality kitten food? Hopefully she is.

Anyway, since she is getting into the draws, she is looking for somewhere to have them. Make sure she has a nice comfy spot somewhere that it is nice and quiet. Let her eat as much as she wants too. Ziggy still had a big appetite right up the birth. Look out for a sort of dripping fluid from her back end, and check everytime she gets up. Ziggy gave birth around 12 hours after this happened.

Good luck, and make sure we get pictures!!
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I've added your kitty to our "Kitten Watch" thread, here:

Keep us updated on her progress!
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She has had them. I gotta get back to work,cant be late, so i will post about it, and of course ive got pics. And also a little video. So in about 5 or 6 hrs when im back home and its all up i will post! ^_^

Thanks heaps. The story will go with it aswell.
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Congrats! Kittens are such a good time!
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Congrats on your new arrivals!!

I cannot wait to see pikkies of them soon..
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Congrats on your new babies!!! It's so great to watch them grow and develop, and see their little purr-sonalities come out. I hope we get to watch them grow as you do. Keep us updated!!
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Where are these pictures?
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go up the page and theres a link to a thread,there in there.
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It might be worth posting them on a new thread, that way EVERYONE can see them
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