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New cat introduction

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I have no specific questions, but want to say how wonderful this board has been preparing me for introducing my new cat.

She has a "den" set up in the bathroom, and at first I kept the door closed. Now, her second full day here, she is sleeping in there with the door open, she must feel safe.

Sam is perplexed, but seems to be accepting his new little sister. He went into her room, checked everything out really well, and then just left, has not hissed at anything today.

He is asking for more attention, he meowed in a voice I have never heard before, sounded like a little kitten, and when I went to see, he wanted to play catch with me. And he has started asking for pounce treats in the same voice. I know he wants those treats, because he goes to sit on top of his kitty condo, which is where I always give them to him.

So he is being spoiled, so he knows I still love him best, and I am pleased that everything seems to be going well.

One question, she has her own litter box, Sam inspected it very thoroughly. Should I make sure he doesn't use it? Would that make her nervous?
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It sounds like it is going well with the two of them. If possible, I would add a second litter box especially since she has an early visitor to her inner sanctum.

Make sure you pet Sam first, feed him first, do interactive play with him and keep him feeling like he is top cat in the house. If there starts to be aggresion, please keep the door shut between them and introduce them gradually.
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I have introduced them gradually. I only let her out for a few minutes, and I don't play with her when Sam is around. I have paid very close attention to all of the advice here, and it seems to be working. I just left the door to the bathroom open so that Sam could go in if he wanted to. He was visiting upstairs this morning, and I let her have a good run around the apartment while he was out, now she's all tired out and sound asleep.

I will not leave her out at all when I am not here - I am still supervising all of their interactions. And I took the week off work to spend time doing this.

They do each have a litter box, I just wondered if I need to make sure they don't use each others.
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I wasn't jumping on you at all. I think you are doing a great job, you cats seem very relaxed with each other and that speaks highly of you and keeping the stress level down. For me gradually is over a period of weeks, but then I work with ferals and not domestics and they are completely different in character and personalities.

I would still give the new cat another litter box. They will eventually be using each others litter pans, and one more is always a good idea.
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Oh hissy, I was not being at all defensive. I was just really pleased that I am doing what you suggested. Makes me feel smart.

I have two litter boxes. I don't think I need more, right?

And as for the gradual introduction, I am setting up space in the living room, with a door that can be latched closed, so that she can stay in there when I am back at work, and Sam can have the rest of the apartment (like he is used to). I can also take both of them there for supervised play.

And as for Bailey, I was told that she was a stray, and was pregnant when she was rescued. But she is so social, I expect that she was not a feral.
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Two cats need at least three boxes. I know more work for you, but cats do not by nature urinate and deficate in the same place. Having more boxes is always a good idea for multiple cats. And again, I say you are doing excellent with both of them. I am glad you didn't take offense at what I have said.
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Aha, now I get it.

Sam had one box. He used that for everything. I got him a second box, in anticipation of new cat arriving. And now that you mention it, he does use one for poo, one for urination. I had no idea this was cat behaviour, I just thought he was odd.

Then I got a third box, for new cat. She uses that for everything. Does she also need two boxes? I'd rather have more work than sick or stressed cats.

Oh, and Sam just came into the room where she was lying on the floor, he walked over and rubbed her nose, then gave her a little lick on the head.
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Originally posted by Sammie5
Oh, and Sam just came into the room where she was lying on the floor, he walked over and rubbed her nose, then gave her a little lick on the head.

Wow! That is wonderful! It sounds like they are great buddies already!

My bet is that three boxes will be fine once they are together 24/7, but I have found that the more boxes you have, the fewer litter box problems you will have. I have 8 boxes for 6 cats and it seems to work great for them.
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I am pleased that he does not seem to be rejecting her. However, not wanting to push my luck, I am limiting their contact for a while. Sam is still overwhelmed, and he went and hid after he licked her, so I'll just give them a few minutes at a time together.
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We're making progress. I have a "french door" between the living room / office area, and the rest of the apartment. Sam is with me in the office, bailey is in the hallway. They can see each other through the glass, but neither are threatened. I was playing with Sam, and he kept looking over at the door, as if to say, see, watch me having fun.

I let Bailey in the room, Sam was on a chair, she went to look at his toys in a basket under the chair, which, by the way he always justs ignores. He didn't hiss or growl, or make a sound, but he just reached out and swatted her away. I think that was really good! He's telling her what she can and can't do. He did the same thing this morning when he saw her near his food dish.

Now, I guess I have to get her a basket with her own toys in it.

And when he asks to go see her now, he always goes up to her and kisses her on the nose, so I am pleased. Still keeping them apart for most of the day, only an hour at most together.
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