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Going on a trip, need advice.

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My wife and I are going out of the country for 2 weeks. Our 1 year old cat will be home alone, with several people coming by and playing with her, feeding her, etc. Is there any advice for leaving her for a while?
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Since it seem that you have all the bases covered what is still very important is that you leave her some clothes, maybe the t-shirt you have slept in, etc. (it has to be something you have worn and have your sent) to make her feel more comfortable and not so alone. Maybe someone else has some other ideas! Hope this helps. Good luck to you and your little one!!!
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I would maybe leave a radio on low volume while you are away. Then there are still "human sounds" when the kitty is there by herself.
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Yes, something with your scent would be really good. Also, make sure you put anything tempting away. When they get upset they tend to get into things they never would have before. I leave a TV running for my guys all day. How often is someone coming over?
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Sandie, I have a question for you. I read your last post. How do we know when our cats get into things that they wouldn't usually get into, if they are upset or curious?
Your answer might help me to understand some concerns I have about Nomar.
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Well, I would have to say that they will usually find stuff to do. I might have to say it's boredom but from some of the things I have seen, it's to let me know they didn't appreciate something. Some people would disagree.
I will give you some instances here at my house. My cats will sleep in the dishrack. Last time I left for a whole day, I came home to find it along with the dishes on the floor. My cats know not to get into the cubbord and NEVER do when I am home. When I have been gone for more than normal, I will come home to find they went in there and pulled the trash bags out. My husband found this to be very true because last summer, I went home for 3 weeks. He would call and tell me that they were getting into the pantry, on the counters with food there and such. I beleive it was because they didnt know where I was. As soon as I got home the hehavior stopped. I tend to lock things up and what I call kitty proof the house before I go anywhere just if it's a little longer than usual. I hope this helps, if not give me some specifics.
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Thanks for all the advice. Much appreciated.

PS, People will be over at least once a day for a few hours. They are down the hall from me.
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I agree with Sandie. When I go away for the weekend, I never know what I'll come home to! Once, all the toilet paper was reeled off the roll. Once I found the garbage can tipped. The rugs in the bathroom have been dragged all over the house. You just never know what they'll decide to get into.
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I agree with Sandie that the cats behaviors are caused by our leaving - they are not being bad because of human emotions such as anger, but they are confused and upset because their mommy or daddy is not home. When my husband and I go away - we always come home to something not expected. The last time we went to a show without our munchkin Star, she got into the bathroom and ripped up a whole box of - would you believe, sanitary napkins? The bathroom was a mess!

Leave your scent around and ask the people to actually play with your kitty and not just feed her and do the litter - cats love social interaction and even though she will miss you, she will enjoy the attention.

Have a good trip and kitty will be allright - just give her extra attention when you get home.
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