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injured bone

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Hi guys, I am so depressed because my 6 year old tabby has fractured her sacrum (the bone that has nerves and is at the base of the tail and the vertebrae.) The vet kept her overnight to see if she will move her bowels and if not, things don't look good. Any of you have any experience with this problem?
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This can sometimes be overcome. Usually with steroid to prevent inflammation and strict confinement until healed. It can take up to a month to determine if there is any improvement occurring.

This is commonly call a "tail pull" injury and happens when the cat is running from something and the tail gets caught...either from being stepped on, caught in a door or run over by a car tire.

Sending lots of vibes that your kitty will be ok and heal from this without any permanent nerve damage. Are his hind legs working ok?
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Thanks so much for the info and well wishes. The hind legs are okay as far as walking but she cannot jump too high like before, ex: on top of the television etc. The vet kept her for two days because he wanted to see if she could move her bowels or if it was too painful to do so. Unfortunately, she did not move her bowels but she is always constipated so he told me that I could bring her home tonight and that he would prescribe a laxative. I guess after that we will just wait and see what happens. I pray that she moves her bowels because if not, that's a bad situation. This cat has been my lifesaver. She helped me to keep my sanity after my 19 year old tabby died in May. I had adopted that one from North Shore when she was six weeks old. This little cat also helped me get through my empty nest syndrome when my only children,my twin daughters, left for college in September. She is my lifeline and I hope everything turns out alright. She is so sweet and I love her. Sorry for the long reply but thanks again.
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Aw, I hope your little furbaby gets better soon and has no long-lasting problems. We cat folks here fully understand how much your kitty means to you - we are the same.

Hugs coming your way.
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I hope she gets better soon!

My cat broke her tail when she was about a year and a half old and lived to be 12, but I think it must have been lower down the tail than yours.

She might be holding it in as it hurts to go the toilet in her condition? I hope so!
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Our furbabies are wonderful at helping us keep our sanity. They just know when we need that extra love and attention.

That is great that their is no affects to her legs or hindquarters. Keeping her stool soft will help her greatly.

Sending lots of healing energy and please keep us posted.
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Hey guys, thanks again for the input. Just an update on my baby, whose name is Madison (Maddy). I picked her up from the vet and he was happy that she finally moved her bowels. He told me to keep her as confined as possible and to buy some petromalt to soften her stool. She has been home since Thursday night and is in high spirits! I just have to monitor her because she tries to do all of her old jumping routines because as you guys know, our furbabies hate to stay level, they must jump to a high point. She is energetic and I have been able to get her to drink some water, which she hates to do. I got the petromalt and began using it, I hope it helps because I saw her stool this morning and she made a little but she was straining. Unfortunately, during the night when I am sleeping, I have to put her in her carrier but you know what? She doesn't complain. That's the only way that I can make sure she doesn't injure herself while I am sleeping. I have to take her back to the vet on Thursday for him to check her out. Again, thanks guys. It feels so good to talk to people who love and understand their furbabies like I do. They are so worth our love and devotion. I'll keep you posted.
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It is great to see such a wonderful update! Lots of healing vibes still coming Maddy's way!
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There's a little trick an old vet friend taught me for helping loosen their stools. Pumpkin pie filling. They love it and it really helps move things along. The vet was old and I really hope he wasn't insane because it really seemed to help. My mom has a kitty who had this pulled tail thing that they are discussiing and the only option we had was to amputate her tail. It was run over by a car and thats how we ended up getting her! She is alive and well and is like 13 years old alive and healthy. She still has a little pain in her lower back but thats about it! Good luck and Healing
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Is there anyway you could invest in or borrow a large dog cage to confine her in, rather than a cat carrier? That way, she can have a bed, tray and food. Good luck with her.
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Wow, who would have thought? Pumpkin pie filling! I am going to keep that in mind because I know that she will most likely get tired of the petromalt, thanks! As to the cage, I never thought about getting a bigger cage, that's why it's good to talk to others and get ideas. I am going to check the pet stores and the internet to see what they have to offer. Thanks for the ideas!
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Canned pumpkin is something my vet also recommends, but for loose stool... the reason is that the fiber helps make a cat regular. If you do buy it, make sure you get just plain pumpkin, not the kind with spices mixed in.
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