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And the onslaught of fattening goodies begins!

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Every year we start getting deliveries to work from various clients, etc. So far we have received a large can of chocolate covered peanuts and a huge gift basket full of goodies.

This is only the beginning. No wonder everyone gains weight over the holidays

Do any of you have this at your jobs?
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We did at my last job, I'm not sure about here, as this is my first year here over the holidays. I wouldn't complain if we did tho I never plan on making big dinners at home if we do recieve goodies at work though, because I stuff myself with them
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On occassion some of the volunteers/others will bring in yummy treats for all of us at the animal shelter. Sometimes we have little pot lucks as well where we all bring in a dish (it's usually pretty healthy as 3 of my coworkers are vegetarians though- so we all eat well sometimes). A few months back some of the volunteers brought us all Starbucks- that was AWESOME! I'm hoping we have some yummy treats this year!

I'm going to most likely make some desserts/treats for all my coworkers for Christmas
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I alwasy sent trays to baking to Dh's work
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(to paraphrase a commerical) Our work celebrates any minor accomplishment with 20lb baked good.

So... er... yes.
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DH puts on several pounds each Christmas what with all the steady flow of treats, coffee runs etc at his work. Some days he doesn't even want to eat dinner because of all the junk he's eaten all day around this time of year!!! poor poor thing....
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One year my Mom's boss got a rum cake. He didn't want it, and Mom didn't want it, so it sat in the fridge. Every time you opened the fridge, you'd be knocked over by the smell of rum.

Eventually it started disappearing. We think the boss's nephew (and employee) was eating it.
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I look forward to the big tins of flavored popcorn every year!

In my last job at my company, I had vendors bring all kinds of goodies to me. The best year: a couple bottles of outstanding wine (very pricey), a Lou Malnotti's pizza shipped on dry ice from Chicago, a leather planner, and a fleece jacket. That was on top of the 5 dinner parties I was invited to (at expensive restaurants). At one of those dinners, we went thru 3 bottles of $100 wines, then switched to 150 year old Amaretto at $25 a shot.

But really, I like the popcorn tins!
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Yes, we get all kinds of stuff here too in addition to all the people who bake. I try to resist, but it is so hard to, when it is sitting in front of you and everyone else says how good it is
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I thought your title said you were going to fatten poodles. I believe my eyes are tired and it's time for bed!
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Weve had a couple of bottles of wine handed in so far by suppliers, but a couple of companies usually send in chocolates
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We'll start to get gifts from our suppliers around now. We're not supposed to take gifts of more than $25, so these things all become "community property"...Harry & David baskets, choc dipped strawberries, popcorn name it, they send it.

Amazing how insurance companies have all sorts of $$ to send us junk food, but they don't want to pay the stupid claims.
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Originally Posted by JellyBella View Post

Amazing how insurance companies have all sorts of $$ to send us junk food, but they don't want to pay the stupid claims.
Some are from clients behind on their bills! lol
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