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Help Dusty is biting everyone

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We had tried to stop this behavior in a good way by act ingoring him when he bitesus.it has not helped it is making it worse he has biten a friend of ours so know he has to be in a room by himself until find out how to stop him.when we do trust him he comes up out of the blue and bites us on our feet.we are at our witts end so please someone help.he jumps on the table evn while we are eating and he has food all the time in front of him and we will put him on the floor and he will jump back up.I am getting tired of it especially when its time to eat i cant even finish my meal when he acts this way.what or should we do
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First off, I hope this cat is up to date on ALL of it's shots.
When's the last time he saw the vet, and have you talked to your vet about this behavoir. Has your cat always been this way?

Also when he jumps up on the table is he trying to make a mad dash for a peice of food and then gobble it all up. Or is he on the table to try and get attention?
How old is this cat.

Have you tried telling the cat to get down, and then picking him up and placing him on the floor if he wont get down?
With cats that don't know not to get up on tables, or to not try and eat my food, if they wont respond to the normal methods then I wind up putting the cat away behind a closed door with toys and her own food while I eat.
It's not something I typically do, but I have had to do it.
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Is he neutered yet? If not, it sounds like you should get it done soon.
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Here are some other threads in which we have discussed steps to take to eliminate aggression. I hope they will help.

Click here for one thread

Click here for another thread
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He is updated on shots and Netured he wants to be with us then out of the blue he does this.thanks for the answers i will try the links
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