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It's finally snowing here!!! It's not a lot, but heck, it's my first snow!

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If you want some more, I can send it your way. We had several inches on December 1 & then we got like another 5 - 7 last night. Where did the summer go? I don't mind snow, but it just seems early for us to have this much in the first week of December. Then again this is Wisconsin, so I'm sure that the weather will change soon.
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This is your first snow? Welcome to the world of snow
We have had snow coming down for a week straight, you can have some of our snow!
We have snowbanks that are over 4 feet tall already...
We love snow but it would be nice to see clear skies again.
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This is your first snow- ever?
How exciting! You can come here to my part of Minnesota, were we've gotten close to what seems like 20" in the past week
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More pictures! I had fun in the snow. Even made two snowmen!

Snowman 1

Snowman 2

Something for my relatives.

Our building manager already got icical lights up! So pretty!
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