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New behavior with cat nip toys

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So Jordan's been feeling preety good this week & has been doing somthing new with their cat nip toys. I bought them a pack of cat nip candy canes & a pack of the Yowee cat nip fruit. All total there are 7 cat nip toys. Jordan has taken to picking them up, carrying them around & crying. Then at night when I'm in bed he will carry them into the bed room. The other night he carried 5 of them & dropped them on the floor at the foot of the bed & put 2 of them in the bed with me. I thought maybe he wanted to play so I threw one & he just looked at me like "Now why did you do that?" (he does like to fetch). He left that one where it was. Basicly every day this week I wake up to find all of the cat nip toys in the bed room. I've seen cats carry around toys & cry before, but this is new for him. I also think it's strange that he brings them all into the bedroom. Anyone have any idea why he is doing this?
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He's showing you what a great hunter he is! Lots of cats do things like that (be glad he hasn't brought in half dead mice yet!).
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I was going to say, it sounds like he thinks he's bringing you prey. When I was growing up, our outdoor cat would leave bird carcasses on the patio steps. He wanted to show off
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My thoughts exactly. A few years ago while visiting friends their cat left something discusting on their back steps.
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BTW, with the extensive testing during the (ongoing) development of our organic catnip toys, I have never witnessed this behavior either with our cats or my sister-in-law's cats. And we have about 200 pounds of catnip sitting around
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I think he's bringing in gifts, and maybe "storing" his toys for safe keeping overnight

I honestly never know where I will find the various catnip toys my guys have by morning...they move the toys around during the day and night..including shells of old favorite organic catnip toys, and old prototypes of catnip toys I've designed and tested with them

Favorite places though include right where Mommy will be stepping when she gets up in the morning, into the food or water bowl (must be playing games of flip and toss...), I even had to rescue a catnip pumpkin from a litterbox recently (oh the shame!)
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I think he's showing you he likes them.

Mr. Bond leaves his mice in the bed. We thought he was showing off his kills, so Dear Husband picked one up and pretended to eat it.

Mr. Bond gave me the "he has mental problems" look. You could almost see him thinking, "Doesn't he know they aren't real?"
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I just thought it was interesting behavior. He did it again last night, but this time I only found 3 of the toys in my room. His medication made him more tired last night, so we both got a lot of sleep. The thing that's even more strange is the crying while he carries them. He's always been a quiet cat & only cries when he's really hungry, but with the toys he almost howls. I actually think it's cute, but like it better when he stops shortly after I go to bed. The other night he kept carrying them around the room. He's always been a silly guy.
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My Ginger does this with one specific catnip toy. She'll carry it into my room in the middle of the night, meowing like a madcat, and drop it on my floor and leave it there. None of the others do that, so

She did it more when she was a kitten, but she'll still do it on occasion. I think it's cute.
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This morning I woke up & found the catnip bananna in the bed near my head. I had to laugh, I wonder if he is trying to share with me.
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Rofl...want a banana for breakfast?
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Originally Posted by Pat & Alix View Post
Rofl...want a banana for breakfast?
Maybe he thinks his Mom needs to eat healthier?
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