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Question of the Day - December 5th

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oops!! sorry!! I totally forgot about this

Here's a contribution from capt jordi!

Just to mix it up, Favorite dog breed?

I love German Sheperds, but I also love foo-foo dogs, like Shih Tzus and Pekes, but my favorite is a Lhasa Apso (and I'm not just saying that cause Vino might bite me )
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I am partial to the Laboradors and Golden Retrievers we have had both
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Basset Hound!
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Pitbulls!! Despite the bad reputation they have they really are sweet, gentle and loving dogs. They will die for their owner!

I really like Rottweilers and Boxers too. Jon and I have been trying to decide between the 3 which we would get. When we move to our next place we are going to get a dog.
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I love black labs,
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Basset hounds and Great Danes. I great danes! We've had 4 and I plan on getting another (most likely a mantle) in the near future! And I might be getting a basset hound puppy for Christmas! *hopes really bad*
Maltipoos are pretty cool too
I work with dogs every day so some breeds that I used to like, not so much now that I've been around them so much! LOL!
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German Shepherds are gorgeous dogs. Love Siberian Huskies too. English Bulldogs are cute & wrinkly. Love the coloring of the fur & the eye colors of Weimaraners. Love the height of Great Danes.
Laboradors & Retrievers are great dogs too. Lots of dogs are beautiful! :
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Beagles definatly. Also love Black and Tan Coonhounds.
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Boxers! I just love the personality and looks of Boxers. My Boxer turns 4yrs. this month! I also like the looks of Weimaraners (sp?) and Standard Poodles but I am not sure about their personalities.
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Pembroke Welsh Corgi
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I like malamutes and beagles.
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I like big dogs...Mastiffs, Great Danes, etc. I like the "misunderstood" ones, too...Pits, Am Staffs, Rotts, etc. I love Hounds, though....those big ears get me.

This boy is my love right now. Fearsome looking Pit X....the silliest dog I've ever met.
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OMG I completely forgot about Corgi's! And Mastiffs! I would love a Neapolitan mastiff!
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There are very few breeds of dogs that I don't absolutely adore. But if I had to pick a number one favorite it would have to be German Shepherds. Second is Jack Russells and third would be Pit Bull type dogs.
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I really like Border collies.
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My favorite dog breed I'd have to say is a boxer shepard mix like my in-laws dog Jake. He's huge and a teddy bear! Other than that I love Labs and Golden Retrievers. I think it would be so cute to have one real big dog and one little one too, but not till I have a house. So I have till then to talk DH into it! I'm not sure exactly what breed I'd want in the little one.
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German Shepherds, Australian Shepherds (like my baby Fosters), Carolina Dogs (like Whiskey), Rotties (i had two amazing ones when i was little!!!),Great Pyrans., Cocker Spaniels, Chinese Cresteds (SP?) (my sister has one and it's sooooo sweet!), Pit Bulls- they are great dogs.

I'm also a huge fan of hybrids. I have a 12 (almost 13) yr old wolf mix (momma was wolf, daddy was a german shepherd/ norwegian elkhound). Her name is Ginger- she is by far the best dog I have ever been blessed to own I got to see her last night at my mom's house- she had on a little Christmas bandana fresh from the groomers
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I chocolate labs , cocker spaniels, great danes, poodles , and any kind of mix/mutt
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pit bulls, labs, hounds, rotties, catahoula leopard dogs, saint bernards, shepherds (especially mixes), and many more. I love mutts too they are the best and mostly big dogs.
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I grew up with a Lab x and lo, these many moons later, still get misty-eyed whenever I think of her -- which is often. I've known several Labs and Lab crosses over the years and, while Belle was exceptional, these are all wonderful dogs. I love all the retrievers, actually, as well as border collies, and many of the terriers. Well, I really can't think of a dog I don't like...they're all good people.
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I'm more partial to Shih Tzu's since I had one my whole life growing up. We had to have her put down last May, she was around 14 years old and my baby. Other than Shih Tzu's, I love Black Labs and Yorkies.

ETA: Oh and Golden Retrievers!
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My new favorite dog is a Newfoundland...I was in Salt Lake city for T-day and went in a dog/cat store, and the owner of the store has 3 Newfoundlands, they are HUGE lovable dogs...they normally live 8-10 years but his one dog that was there was 13 and doing great
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I love most dogs, but my favorite are Pembroke Welsh Corgis, probably because I own one (though she lives with my Mummy)...

Her name's Copper.

I also love big dogs, like Newfies and St Bernards.
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My first pet was a huge Newfoundland Dog name Sam...It has always been my favorite breed and always will. I do however like all types of setters and spaniels as well, plus my neighbor has an old English Sheep Dog named Casper who is just adorable.
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Hmmm, that's a hard one! There are so many that I want!!!!

I really want a Doberman, which we are planning on getting here in the near future.
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German Shepherds, all the way

I had the most loving GS ever. The only thing she ever growled at was the chihuahua the neighbor would taunt her with. Full of kisses. Lived to be 14 before we had to put her down due to lyme disease in her kidneys. I miss her everyday, and that was in 1999.
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Australian Shepards, Labs, and Cocker Spaniels.

Oh and in tribute of our family dog growing up: English Springer Spaniels. She was the best
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I just love German Shepard dogs! My dad bred them when we were kids, and I've always had a thing for them..

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Cocker Spaniels and Beagles. We've had 3 cockers and 1 beagle. And a couple of mixed breeds.
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