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Nintendo Wii-ers!

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Has anybody on here got a nintendo wii?

I know there isn't any in the shops until march now but luckily I managed to get one from the nearest hmv. Can anybody recommend any good games? I just don't have a clue what games to get and so far I have

warioware smooth moves
tiger woods pga tour 2008
wii sports

I'm hoping to get wii play, my word coach (i think that's what it's called) and big brain academy, but I just wondered if anybody has one and what games they have that are totally awesome!?

Tarr very much!

Laura and Mitzi xoxoxoxo
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Try the Wii playground. It has dodge ball, tennis, soccer ball, tether ball. It's a family friendly game.
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The new mario game is awesome apparently! We had a wii, but my boyfriend traded it for a 360 LOL! But oh well!

Oooo and Raving Rabbits is great for parties!
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Wii Play isn't very good IMO, but it's worth getting just for the extra remote

Other good games:
Resident Evil: Umbrella Cronicles (came out last Friday)
Paper Mario - although not sure how to take that one.
Zelda (of course, a classic Nintendo game)

And Wii Sports is a blast. My SO and I play tennis at least once a week, it's great.
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Super Mario Galaxy! It's so fun, and it's great for two players.
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Wii play is a horrible game. I bought it for the extra remote (back when the remotes were hard to find like a year ago) and then sold the game for like $5. Harry Potter is a good game, Super Paper Mario, Mario and Sonic Olympics is fun but it makes you kind of tired. Some of the driving ones are fun with the wheel you turn to play it. Big brain academy was interesting, but no matter how fast I played it always wanted me to be faster. I have played a lot of the games.

I like the Wii, but I think it is overrated. At work, we get at least 200 calls a day asking if we have any. Last Saturday, we had 12 of them and they gave out tickets to buy them and were sold out within the first few minutes of the store opening. The managers of the store are saying it is worse this year than it was last year when they first came out.
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thanks for the games and the advice!
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