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New bunny pics

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I had a rabbit literally dropped off at my door by someone. He is a cutie though. Here are some pics.

I love the last one. Mercury really likes him too.
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Someone just dropped off a bunny at your door? Thats a lucky bunny
Are you keeping the bunny? He sure is adorable, love the markings on his ears & face!
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Well yes and no. I did know the woman might bring him over. She knew when I would be home though and I expected a call first if he was coming, I did not however expect to find a very cold bunny outside my door when I got home from work.

He is staying for now. Mercury REALLY likes him. The first thing he did when he saw him was start grooming him. Since he is a boy too though I am not sure if Henri will like him.
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Aww, what a cute little guy.
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Awww, he's adorable!!
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he is a cutie
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Oh my goodness, she just left him outside for when you showed up? Poor thing. He's really cute though!
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He is pretty!!

Poor guy though-getting left outside your door?
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very cute!
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awwww he looks soo cuddly
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