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i'm going to watch the freak (Michael Jackson) on t.v. tonight

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The 20/20 show is featuring a documentary done over about 8 months. The videographer was following "it" around, even during that balcony-dangling incident.

i just can't help it, i have to see this.
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apparently he said he has never had i guess his nose is one of those miraculous shrinking noses.
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Did you catch his short interview clip? I gasped! They asked him about his attraction for children and he responded something along the lines of "there is nothing wrong with sharing your bed when you love children." Now, coming from a normal father, that remark wouldn't of phased me if he had babies, but coming from this freakazoid made my hair stand on end.
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Now, now, don't pick on Jacko. He's the epitome of what makes America great. Where else could a poor, black boy grow up to be a rich, white woman?:LOL:
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Hes a creep!
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he also said, when his daughter, Paris was born, he couldn't wait to get here out of the hospital
and home so he just cut the cord and ran her home, placenta and everything !!

he couldn't wait?? :confused3 :confused3

and he "uses" surrogate mothers?

what i'd like to know is why isn't whacko jacko in prison yet?

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I don't really know what I think of him. There's so many lies and so many crazy truths. But I do know he's wacko, he obviously has SOMETHING wrong with him.
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i am simply fascinated and have to find out more about it :disturbed :disturbed :disturbed

that's the face i make when i see "it" ------> :disturbed
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did you say michael jackson? i'm scared.
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I'd like to watch, but my stomache lurches just looking at him. I swear his face looks like it's made out of modeling clay that's about to melt!
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That is awful!
Pubic hair on his face? EWWWWW!
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I actually feel really sorry for that guy. His life has become beyond 'sick' and something must have went terribly wrong in his childhood or mental state.

Can you imagine being one of his children?

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Oh why did I look
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We had that programme here a couple of days's dreadfully sad...everyone is talking about it. I have nothing but sorrow for him. He is one very unhappy, mixed up man, with an amazing ability to dance. Can't wait to read your thoughts and feelings !
Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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i also feel bad for him. He definitely comes across as a mess and he seems to have a lot of people around him that let him live a fantasy. He seems harmless to me (I could be wrong, but I bet the rumors are wrong about child abuse. He doesn't seem to fit the profile). I do hope he gets some help.
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That was so funny, hubby and I just died laughing at your post!!
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that truly scared me!:paranoid3
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his face really looks like it is melting away.......pretty bizarre
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Face it - MJ is America's favorite freak show!:witch:
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Sad but true! :tounge2:
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I've been watching the Michael Jackson show. I agree he is really out there and very disturbing, but the main thing I feel is sadness. I think he is someone who was not prepared or able to deal with his fame (not counting the charges of abuse). Also, he doesn't appear to be able to deal with life as an adult. It seems to me that he is regressing to an almost child-like frame of mind, where his favorite things to do (as a 44 year old) are water balloon fights and climbing trees.

So the show has been shocking and disturbing, but ultimately I find it to be the story of a very sad and incapable adult human.
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I agree - I think his appearance change is caused by his father criticising him, 'your nose is too fat' - no wonder.
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Somebody who watched this needs to update me. I was out tonight. I think the guy belongs in a padded room.

Cindy: too freakin' funny!!!!!
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I need an update too, I didn't get to see it, I didn't know it was on!!
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I didn't get to see it either. How sad that a man of his music talent can't get with the times. He's still same ol' Jacko from the 80's. It's sad when people get stuck in a timeline and can't/won't leave it behind and embrace the present.

I'll bet the reason why he won't get a "manly" haircut is because the scars around his ears are so obscene that he's afraid to show them.

It's funny how they compared him to his sister, BTW, why does her skin appear to be so light too?

The rumour about him taking female hormones would explain the high voice and the need to be around children. It would also confirm the idea that his mind is degenerating to a child's.

I feel sorry for him.

(And it's not a "little" surgury MJ, any famous person who's had as much surgury as you would be the topic of gossip magazines, just look at Joan Rivers, she's up there too!)
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Here are my thoughts on this special.

Michael is really to be pitied. After I watched the whole thing, so many things bothered me about it. He stays in this huge 3,000 acre place Neverland surrounded by bodyguards, children and mannikans! He spends money like water- did anyone notice how that one shopkeeper in Vegas could not stop rubbing his hands together as Michael rushed here there and yonder shouting "Do we have that? I want that! Oh look at that, did I buy that? I want that?" To the tune of what did the reporter say that one shopping excursion cost him? Half a mil?

Everywhere he goes, he is mobbed by fans. His 3 children have to go out in public wearing masks for heaven's sake and they almost got trampled at the zoo, and not by elephants, but by people! I watched him when he fed Prince Michael the II a bottle and he was jiggling that baby so fast, it's a wonder Prince Michael the II didn't throw up all over his shirt.

He said the mothers just gave the kids to him as a "gift" and they want nothing to do with the children, preferring him and the nannies to raise them? Apparently two of the children have surrogate mothers.

He is a 44 year old man who was never allowed to have a childhood and his actions today are symptamatic of someone who has been horrendously abused. His entire family was not shown once in the entire show and the fact that he shares his bedroom with children on a regular basis is nothing short of alarming to me.

He kept saying he was Peter Pan- all I saw was a little boy lost.
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I agree. Its all so sad. You can see it in his eyes how sad he is.
Remember he never really had a childhood, he was working when he was 5 years old. He is trying to reclaim it.
I was making fun of that shopkeeper, thinking, dang hes chomping at the bit for all that money! What a creep!

But all in all, its very sad.
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I watched some of it, and I felt pure sadness of him. He was robbed of his childhood and seems to be so alone even though he is surrounded by staff.

I was alarmed at his statement about sharing his bed, any parent would be. Although I don't think its a sexual thing, just that he likes to have them close to him. Sort of like when parents let their kids get in bed to snuggle. Does that make sense?
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I feel bad for him for what happened to him in his childhood however it is NOT normal for a 44 year old MAN to sleep with young boys and he should be investigated for that!

Where are these childrens parents? I wouyld never let my children sleep with an adult man no matter who they are!!
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