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Got groomed by the cat...

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Normally, Pixie doesn't want to sleep in the same bed as hubby and I. She likes to be near by, but not on the bed.

Last nite, I awoke to the sensation of my hair being rhythmically pulled...huh? What the? I reach up...and there's Pixie, on my pillow, licking my hair! I pet her, I tell her to knock it off, I go back to sleep, I wake up later, same sensation, same cause. I pet her, I tell her to knock it off, I discuss the probability of being banished from the bedroom if she continues to wake me up....and she moves over to hubby and starts in on him.

I have no idea what time it was, but I do know hubby immediately woke up when Pix began her loving ministrations. Not knowing I was all ready awake, he just got up and left the room....shutting the door behind him, which locked Pix in with me. Suited us just fine - we both promptly went back to sleep.

I suspect hubby's gonna be having a chat with us when he gets home tonite.
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hahaha that is so cute! my damian would acutally do something like that to get me to wake up to feed him or play or let him out. if that didn't work, he would gently bat at my eyelashes or touch his cold nose to my eyelid. he couldn't take a hint so it eventually got me up.
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Awwww! She LOVES you guys!
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Hey! I got a full facial from Butzie. She licked every inch of my face except near the eyes. I was a little dumbfounded while she was doing this but I thought how much an exfoliation facial would cost. Besides, I got shots so I am not allergic. I washed my face and put on cream when she was done.
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"exfoliation facial" - yeah.....those kitty tongues could work for that! Thought she was in labor last nite...so secluded her (and myself" into "her" room. Got another grooming....didn't get any kittens. Have been told this sudden interest in grooming us is a sign of her pregnancy. Don't ask me.....not much sleep last nite, restless cat...so today I'm a bloomin' idiot! Thanks, Pixie!
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My cat, Loki, will obsessively lick my skin, especially near the pressure point in the crook of my arm. He will just lick and lick and lick and lick! And during this grooming of me, he'll just purr and purr! Honestly, it doesn't feel great because his tongue is so rough. But he looks so dejected when I pull away or cover up. Sometimes he'll actually grab my arm and pull me back if I try to pull away! Goofy boy!

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