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The dogs enjoying the snow

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Thunder LOVES snow. It is his favorite thing in the world.

The last time Scooter saw snow, he was tiny. He wasn't quite sure what to think about it at first.

But then it was play time!

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Sammy never likes the snow at first, but then never wants to come in!

This is Marley's first snow with us. He didn't seem too impressed by it and just wanted to come back in where it's warm.

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Poor Marley though he has the right idea.
Looks like most of your crew enjoyed the snow.
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The dogs definitely look like they had more fun in the snow then your cats did
Thunder is our favorite of your dogs, hes gorgeous!
Love the photo of Thunder & Scooter running together
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And here's a video of Thunder and Scooter playing.
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you have beautiful pups!
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Marley acts like my 90 lb. girl. "OK, my feet are cold & wet, can we go in now....pleeassseee???"
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Thunder is beautiful! I love the one of he and Scooter running side by side. What happy looking dogs!
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Your dogs are gorgeous! Mine also love the snow. I think we're supposed to get some for them tomorrow.
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Awww dogs are so cute! My mom's dog is a nut when it comes to snow. She will run around attacking snow balls (created by the snow plow) throw them around and destroy them.
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Just heard a little while ago that we're getting another wave of snow tonight. Another 1-3 inches is expected overnight. The dogs are going to be soooo happy in the morning!
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(most) of them look like they were having a ball!!! they are all so adorable
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Aww!! Looks like they had a blast...well, except for Marley....
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beautiful picture's!
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