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Neutering & Rabies Shot

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Kit goes in tomorrow for the big snip And for a microchipping.

I feel terrible about the whole ordeal, but I know he'll be just fine and better off for it.

He is also old enough now for his rabies vax. Is there any reason not to get the vax and the neutering done at the same time? Issues with the anesthetic, etc?
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I can't answer about the rabies and neuter in one day question but I did want to say that my baby is at the vet's right now for his neuter. I made sure I spent a little extra time with him this morning. Most importantly, I got a paper grocery bag, cut off some of the end (because they're pretty big) and folded back the edges (so it stays propped open) and left that plus a clean towel with the vet techs. I asked them to please place the towel on the bottom of the cage and the bag inside as well so Kink can feel safe and hide if he needs to. Maybe you'd feel better if you could leave your little man with some "comfort" items tomorrow.

Good luck!! He'll be just fine.
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I had both of my kittens get their nueter/spay and rabies vaccinations at the same time. No reason not to and it'll save you and kittens an extra trip to the vet
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Jack just got neutered about a week ago. He received his vaccs at the same time. Actually if he hadn't had a rabies shot it was required for surgery (he was just ready for it so it worked out)

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