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**NOT** such a awesome furrmom.... :(

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This morning I heard my sister's cat meowing outside. He'd been outside all night (no I do not agree with this) so I thought what the heck Id let him in my house...

WRONG!! OMG Max and Pepper freaked... They were doing this WEIRD growl... sounded like a baby cooing or crying... Id never heard it before....
Put CJ back outside and even 45 minutes later Max and Pepper were still growling/hissing at each other!! It was NOT good. I hope they stop by the time I get home.

I don't know what I was thinking!! I do know now I could never EVER be a foster mom for cats....
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Common reaction for cats meeting for the first time. Clean where the kitty was in the house with a vinegar and water mixture and spray the air with a room freshener to help dispell the scent of the intruder.
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I will have to do it tonight... I am at work now. Luckily CJ was only by the front door... up against the screen door....

I feel just awful
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It's alright, it's actually common.
Even people who do the process slowly still have some growling and hissing at times.

Most of the cats, or animals I have brought in, my 2 old regulars (Asim and Isha) would growl and be upset, but in the end they always accepted the newbie.

Next time you see a kitty and you want to let him in, clean out a room that you can use for a kitty room or a quarinteened space. So the new animal can play in there with out an immediate face to face confrentation with your other animals.

I'm sure your cats will go back to normal eventually. But yes, do clean the area's the cat was in very thourougly.
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