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Some how Charlie just got a scratch from being in the enclosure. That hasn't happened in the 7 months he's been using it. It's really tiny, but i was wondering what sort of antiseptic i can use on him. It isn't deep, only a tiny bit of clear fluid, doesn't seem to be any blood and a little of the fur is missing. I'd say it's only about 1/3cm across and down. The reason i ask is, it seems the betadine the vets gave us was thrown out, there was little left and i think it was getting old. I found that using something called tcp and savlon is not good for cats, but dettol is. I have an ear cleaning spray, and an antiseptic that both have benzalkonium chloride in them (i used the antiseptic as i dont know what other ingredients are in the spray) so i diluted it 1:20. I put it on the scratch with just a cotton bud so the smell wouldn't overwhelm him. he was purring his head off after i did it.

I would like to know what is the best thing for future references if we don't have the vet products.

Obviousely if he had a huge wound i'd run straight out and buy the betadine and call the vet.

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run this by your vet but mine sent me to the drugstore for the cheapest neoporin ... the non pain one
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He didn't cry when i put it on him, i think it must be a graze. Obvsiousely i'll keep an eye on it, but i'm not too worried at this point.

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