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a true kitty guardian angel....

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Here in Oregon, a lady chose to donate half the fee of every cat adoption for our county shelter for the month of October, and then extended it through November. So many people come in to adopt a dog, but pass over the cats. And with birth rates still through the roof, it's hard with the small facilities we have. So this lady did something. She knew she could not take any into her home (she had cancer, and thought to be improving), but wanted to make sure cats did get homes... and people get educated. a news crew came out and did a piece. I helped the reporter with a cat to hold.

For two months, we had really good adoption rates... then it ended, and we're crowded again... naturally.

When I was in there today (coaxing a sweet semi-feral girl down from a perch near the ceiling of one of the colony rooms), we found out the lady lost her battle with cancer a day or so ago. I don't know her name, and honestly i don't think I ever met her, but she was a wonderful woman. She helped give many cats a chance they may never have gotten otherwise.

I know she's over the rainbow bridge with however many felines she loved in her own lifetime, of which I am sure were many. I know she touched a lot of people (and cats) in her last two months here on earth.

I just wanted to let everyone know... I thought what she did for us (and rumored to have done the same for other rescues and shelters in the area) was an amazing gift for us and most of all for those cats who all got homes because of her.

Thanks for reading,
Shelter Volunteer
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Rest in peace sweet lady. We need more like you!
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Oh, I'm tearing up. In my opinion, she was a saint. To care about homeless animals while she was fighting for her life. That is amazing. The world needs more people like her. My God bless her, and the animals that she helped to save.
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What a beautiful, selfless woman. She must be so happy with the cats she loved now.
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Wonderful. I hope that someday I am able to do such a thing also. Truly a wonderful legacy to leave behind.
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