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so angry, don't know where to post this. (LONG)h

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I think this is an IMO. Because IMO there should be a test or something before you can own animals.

Today my brother came into work to visit me and I couldn't help but notice his arms were covered in scratches.

This is a long story so let me just recap. Brother is a 4th year engineering student. Brother lives in a shared student house and roommates are idiots. Brother is an animal lover. Brothers roommates wanted to get a dog, brother told them not to. They did anyways. Enter Venus. 1year old german sheppard cross, barely gets walked, is untrained and snaps at strangers, can jump out of the 50 square foot backyard which is the only place she gets exercise. Brother is the only one that walks her even though she isn't his dog and he is the busiest of all of them and didn't want her, he is also the only one that cleans up after her. He knows not to talk to me about it because I get so angry.

In anycase, his arms were covered in scratches. weird. well Venus got out again as she was unsupervised. When her rightful owners went to find her they found that she had chased a cat up an electricity pole. We live in Ontario and right now it is easily close to -14 outside. They left it there with complete disregard and actually laughed when they told me brother. Well my brother thought about it when he was leaving the house and went to see if the cat was still there. it of course was. Now he shoul dhave called the fire department, but instead found a ladder and rescued the cat himself (explaining the scratches) pretty dumb as that is a dangerous thing to do, but in anycase the cat is OK......

Now my brother is really upset because his roommates just disregard everything he says about proper pet owning and responsibility and I was SO ANGRY (i've known his roommate all my life) that I wrote an angry letter that I didn't send. My brother is going to talk to them and would prefer I talk to them in person because I can't stand the irresponsibility of these university students. But anyways, here is my heat of the moment letter. Probably a bit inappropriate.....but I didn't even say everything I wanted to.


---- came in today to show me his war wounds and to be proclaimed a
hero for rescuing a cat that your dog chased up a telephone poll that
YOU left in the freezing cold with complete disregard, to possibly get
sick, or fall and hurt itself or die.

Honestly. I wish they could screen people to own pets. It honestly
infuriates me, your complete disregard for animals and other people.
You guys barely take care of venus and I don't like coming over
because I just feel bad for her. Dogs DO NEED to be walked. a lot.
especially a big dog. YOU DO need to clean up after your dog in the
backyard. That is just immature and irresponsible that you don't, not
that you care, seeing as it proves that you are immature and
irresponsible. Dogs also need to be trained, so that they are
confident, happy and don't snap at people or bite people, and they
listen and understand commands.

The fact that she gets out all the time is dangerous to her (getting
hit by a car) and illegal to have dogs off leash in public, not to
mention dangerous to other animals, ie. that cat you let her chase up a
telephone poll and did nothing about. If I was one of those deranged people I would leave you stuck up a telephone poll in the middle of the winter and I bet you half the jury wouldn't convict me.

I don't even know why you guys wanted to get a dog if you don't really
look after it, clean up after her or have any regard for her or her
behaviour. The telephone poll thing pisses me off more then anything,
if my cat got out and got chased up a tree or something and just left
there in the middle of winter I would be so upset and furious that
whoever was responsible didn't even try to fix it, and probably laughed
about it.......another reason you shouldn't have pets.

You clearly don't give a ---- about what other people think, or
understand what being a responsible pet owner, or responsible in
general means so you'll probably disregard this, but I hope you don't.
I hope you really think about it.

I'm sorry if this is going to make our next meeting awkward, if you
want any advice or suggestions to help with venus, I would be happy to.
Or to give you resources. But please think about what you are doing
when you let things like that's really disgusting

OK this letter is a bit extreme, but it just makes me so upset when pets are mistreated, and when people don't really consider the consequences for getting a pet. I wish the shelter would have screened them better, I mean it is obvious that they are just two young university students, who wanted to get a 'german sheppard' on a whim, and hadn't really thought about it. They are pretty articulate and charismatic though so I don't BLAME the shelter. If there was any kind of pet owner standaradized test they would have failed.

Sorry. Very angry. DIdn't know where to post this. Please feel free to move or delete if it is inappropriate.
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I completely understand your anger; I don't know how you've managed to keep from saying these things to the room-mates faces. I agree that something needs to be done, IMO that poor dog needs to be removed from the home. I think if it were up to me, I'd probably call the humane officer. It's very obvious the room-mates didn't give a thought to the care the dog would need after they brought her home. Are they even allowed to have a dog in student housing? And I'm not even going to get into laughing about the poor cat up the pole

I'm not saying anything like this might happen, but a couple of years ago in my town a college student decided he was tired of another students puppy whining and needing attention. The ***hole took the puppy to the bridge over the Mississippi River and dropped it in, in full view of several other students who were also in his car.

Bottom line----that dog needs to be removed from it's present home. Don't worry about making the room-mates mad, worry about helping that puppy.
Good luck, and your brother deserves a whole lot of credit for trying to take care of the dog.
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You and your brother should report this to the RSPCA (or ASPCA).

These people should have no business owning any animal (based on your story). Instead they should have Venus taken away.
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I feel your pain and fully understand your frustration and anger.

Hopefully some good samaritan will make this dog disappear and get said dog into a good German Shepherd rescue. I doubt if the owner would even notice.

Good luck.
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It is illegal in Australia to have a dog and not adquately exercise it. I would find out what the laws are there, too - because then you would have grounds to call the Humane Society and have the dog taken away. GSDs are highly intelligent, active, high-maintenance dogs and need stimulation. I can understand why you are so angry. Please keep us posted.
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thanks everyone!!

Me and brother are working on trying to get this taken care of. I think its not QUITE bad enough that we can get her taken away however atleast we can call by-law on them not picking up after her and letting her get loose. Thank god she has my brother......
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I would definitely report them.
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I think your Brother should take the dog for a walk, say he lost the dog, but actually take to shelter.
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We don't see why people get animals when they don't properly take care of them
Who knows what would of happened to the dog if it weren't for your brother, hes a kind hearted person living with morons...his roomies have complete disregard for animals, that is not right!
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Maybe when that dog gets out and seriously injures a person, they will sing a different tune...
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My brother in law had a dog through college and I asked him once how he could manage to care for one with the hectic life of a college student. His answer surprised me: guys in college get dogs because dogs (particularly puppies) are "chick magnets". If that is what motivated your brother's room mates, you might want to point out to them that no "chick" likes a dog that is aggressive and unmannered. If that is their intent here, better to find the dog a good home.

You have the right to be mad. People like them shouldn't be allowed to own an animal.
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This is the kind of battle that we will witness & wage many times in our lives as animal lovers because too many people are just so damned stupid & apathetic. (The same thing is happening to the children of this country, but that is another topic.) I don't know what advice to give, but a different suggestion would be to kidnap the dog & find a better home. Kind of extreme, maybe, & the morons would probably find another victim to entertain them but maybe not...
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I agree with lunasmom - ASPCA it should be. With the evidence that your brother can provide, Venus will be whisked away where she can be properly cared for. All of those guys need to be sat down and given a real shock factor. If it's explained to them that they can face a jail sentence and/or fine for inproper animal care (as I know they can and do in the States) then perhaps it might kick start them into thinking about what they're doing. After all, how many people want to employ convicted felons - whatever their crime may have been? Not many. They need to be woken up to the severity of what they're putting this animal through. I hate to say it, but as a result of their neglect or rather, lack of interest and brains, poor Venus may not be suitable for a new home - definitely not yet at least. She will be up for some intensive re-training. It's hard work to undo what's been done - and vice-versa.

BUt yes... ramble over.... ASPCA and a damned good shake-up.
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If it's any consolation good rescue groups, shelters, and reputable breeders do screen people before placing animals with them. Unfortunately irresponsible people who don't get their animals altered drop off the puppies or kittens at pet shops or place ads in the paper just to get rid of them and never get their pets altered so they are constantly repeating the cycle.
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well. The next time Venus jumped the fence with her rope on and was stuck to the fence without anyone watching her I told me brother to leave her and call me. Then I called animal control as a 'concerned neighbour' and they came and had a long talk with the boys. Didn't take her away.......but she is now enrolled in training class and is getting walked 'for now'. Who knows, maybe they will turn it around. But if animal control gets called again they will take her away, and until there is significant improvement the number is on speed dial on my phone..
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Let's hope that helps. Maybe, just maybe, it'll be enough to wise them up.
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