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What am I doin wrong?

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I tried to post my cat Merlins picture. I got the pic 400x400 pixels, but the kb's are still too large, my program doesn't offer a change of both, just the pixels, and if I try to size it according to the kbs, then I have one large face, and that's it. So,I tried to post it anyway just to see if I could (then I was gonna delete it), but all I got was a square with a red x in the upper left corner, what am I doing wrong here? I'll go try it somewhere else if I can't figure out how to get both, pixels & kbs down, I just want to be able to post, and do it right. Any help AT ALL would be greatly appreciated, Thanx...:confused3
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Have you tried uploading your picture to imagestation.com and then posting the picture by using the IMG tag?

It saves a lot of bandwidth and you can make up your own picture gallery.
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I FINALLY registered at imagestation.com, and justme, I'm not very computer literate, especially when it comes to pics and stuff.

I do have a program where I can resize images before I upload them to www.imagestation.com, but I noticed that they have tools available to resize pics, too. There, you must have your pics at 300 X 300, but they allow you to upload larger pictures than they say, and then I think you can resize them.


If you're still having trouble, you can PM me the pic, and I can resize it for you and send it back to you resized.

Some members also post the pics when they offer to resize - I'm willing to do that too.... it's just that you might like to post your own pics.

Just a warning.... I haven't been around a lot the last couple days, and I might have to hop off the computer - and might not get the chance to get back for a while. Just PM me if you'd like my e-mail address!

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You can also send me a PM if you only want to post one pic. I can resize and do it for you.

If you are planning to post more in the future, your best bet would be to register at an online picture area like Imagestation so you can store all your photos in an album at one place. If you sign up at Imagestation, you *do not* have to resize your pictures at all (but can if you want to)! Then, when you post pics here at The Cat Site, all you do is link them back to Imagestation using the IMG button (instead of attaching them like you are trying to do now).

Either way, pm me if you want further direction.

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