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Heart Murmur: I'm worried

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I was at the vet today for Mambo's 3rd check up regarding his Heart Murmur and it was still there The vet took an X-ray of his heart and luckily it looks normal. I can't help being a little worried though...what is this Heart Murmur thing?? Mambo is 5 months old and he can't be neutered when he has it unless we order an EKG which costs around $400

I'm hoping the Heart Murmur will go away by itself. Does anyone have experience with this condition? If so, how did you handle it? Any input, good vibes or advice will be greatly appreciated.

Mambo & Sheeba's meowmy
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My cat has a heart murmur that turned out to be a mild heart condition, which is treated easily with medication. But I also had a cat growing up who always had a heart murmur that the vet said didn't need checking; they can be very common and asymptomatic in cats.

I'm surprised your vet is saying the cat can't be neutered without an EKG, particularly since an X-ray was done. The cats I mention were neutered without/before any cardiac testing. You could go to a different vet for a second opinion.

If your current vet is assuming that surgery would be dangerous given the heart murmur, then the heart murmur may be a serious one. Did the X-ray show the heart enlarged or abnormal at all? Possibly the vet is saying that an EKG is warranted, neutering aside.
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