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Sliver - Humane Society
Snowball - Humane Society
Sage - Pet Shop
Sushie - Newspaper Ad
Spooky - Friend
Spici - Pet Shop
Shilo & Sadee - They are Spookys babies
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I got Puff off of Craigslist. He was listed as a GIRL but most definatley is a BOY. I almost didn't get him though. He was a "Free ad" and I drove 30 min to go pick him up. When I got there (she met me outside) she said "oh someone offerd me $10.00 for him, so I want $10.00 now. Not even meeting me or asking me questions first. So I told her no, and started to walk off. She then said, "nevermind, you can have HER"

I would have paid the $10.00 as that is cheap. But to me, it was the princable, you don't tell smeone it is free, then ask them for money later. Plus she told me it was a girl, and when I got to the vet it was a boy (you can for sure tell he was a boy) She said has only eaten lunchmeat and hotdogs!

But anyway, I love him to death!
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All of my cats have came from the local shelter. However any future kitties I adopt will have to come from somewhere else. Unfortunately the shelter here in my hometown closed on December 1st. Sometimes the decisions made by local governments make very little sense at all.
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Magnum and Bumper were found as stray kittens, they both decided we were keeping them.
Boomer was from a neighbour, he was the runt of an unwanted litter
Scully was from friends of family, they were getting rid of him and he wouldn't have lasted at the shelter with the condition he was in.
Autumn was a foster from the shelter I never took back
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From Safe Haven for Cats, a no-kill cat shelter.
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All 4 came from the no-kill shelter I volunteer at.
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KittyGurl - 2 young boys brought her to my previous job with a broken leg claiming they found her in the street. She was about a year old.

Jaedi - My sister found him wandering the streets of New Jersey at +/- 6 weeks of age. She kept him for a little while, but passed him along to me when she had my nephew a month and half later.
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My mothers cats and my babies all came from Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP) in Houston. I HIGHLY recommend this shelter for anybody in the Houston area.
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Usva came from a shelter, Milla from a rescue, Tilli and Timotei from my ex's friend.
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Sho came from my grandmother's cat. He had been outside, in the cold, until we took him and was very sick with a URI.

Tomas was found in my backyard one night, yelling his little head off for his mother and food. I heard him all the way in the house and my 'baby kitten radar' went off . Luckily little guy too, as a winter storm blew in a couple days later.
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I only have one cat currently, I fostered her as we didnt think she had long left to live (that was 2 years ago!!), and then I adopted her as we didnt want to move her on again. Previous cats have come from the streets, local rescues, and 2 had contacted rescues's and i was asked to help.
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My 3 all came from the same breeder.
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Tiny was a stray, and Baby was a neighbor's neglected cat.
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Niko was found at a local, no-kill shelter. One of the shelter employees had found him hungry and crying on her lawn, just mebbe three months old, on the fourth of July. Originally, he was named Firecracker by them, but I felt it didn't suit him.
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Rescue shelter.
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When we finally moved into a bigger flat this past summer, it was time for us to bring a kitty home. I had been looking about before we were ready, then one day this kitten on an internet notice somehow grabbed my attention. I really don't know why, he was, so as to say, not exactly the type I had always fancied, neither stocky, round built or ginger or blue grey in colour, but he meowed his silent meow loud and clear at me over the net, always louder as I kept seeing his notice for nearly 2 months. His former owner said he had difficulty finding a home, despite his loveable nature because his appearance was rather common and had a crooked tail. Well I was quite convinced he and I were destined to be united by then, so we made an hour trip to meet my Oliver, and immediately I knew my intuition was right!! I feel so flattered that he has chosen me in such an uncanny way!!
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Sadie is from Lotospots Cattery, an Oci breader.
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Originally Posted by Sadie's Mom View Post
Sadie is from Lotospots Cattery, an Oci breader.
Awww, your Sadie is such a pretty girl.

My Sadie and her brother were free kitties from a home who had not spayed their mother...Tinkerbell.
I ofter wonder what happened to Tinkerbell.
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I've never got a cat from anywhere, they've always got me!

My late cat Dancer was dropped off at my house by her mother, who appeared out of the forest one night, decided we were nice people and went back to get her kitten. She left after one night (although she did come baclk a week or two later to check up on her!), the kitten stayed and the rest is history.

My present two are the offspring off the neighbouhood cat, who goes from house to house and won't stay with any one person (although we did spay her after the kittens) and decided I was the best person to help her bring her four kittens into the world. She literally came to me in labour and I comforted her as her first two kittens were born - my Oscar was the first to come out. She had the next two after I went to bed happily thinking that two were alright as I could manage to keep two...
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both my kitties came from second chance animal shelter in norman. chloe was being fostered and patchy was at petsmart. i got chloe 3 yrs ago yesterday!!
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Hennessy's from a rescue.
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Kitty was a stray who was living in our back garden. I found out though that he came from next door and his name was Taz.

Maisie was brought to me by someone who`s mum didn`t want her anymore.
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my kitten was at a kill shelter in NYC. the woman i got her from adopts a bunch of kittens out of the shelter and then adopts them out to people. unfortunately, i'm not sure how clean her "rescue" is as my kitten had ringworm when i got her and i recommended she get all her cats tested/treated for ringworm and i'm pretty sure she didn't
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