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Where did you get your cat?

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Did you get your cat from a shelter? Animal rescue? The neighbors?
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Richmond, VA SPCA
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Lilly was adopted from the Cat City shelter in Seattle and Forrest from a rescue organization in Austin, TX.
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Harley was the runt of my boyfriends moms cats litter. He was so tiny! Now he's a 18lb monster

We adopted Bayley from our local Humane Society. Best thing I ever did, we adopted him after my sweet angel Davidson passed away, this past March
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DH got Raven for me from an add in the paper, she came from a sled dog farm. Jack was also an add in the paper, he was an orphan living in a garage.
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My 3 girls all came from the shelter I volunteer at - Stumpy and Smudge were fosters I couldn't give back, and Lily was adopted as a playmate for Stumpy (before Smudge came into our lives).
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Wally was a feral rescue, found by my best friend's mother.
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I got Loki from the Humane Society branch in Maryland Heights, MO (a suburb of St. Louis). I got him because I was going to be living on my own for the first time in a non-dorm situation, and I knew I would be lonely.

I got Possum from Columbia Second Chance. I got him because Loki seemed to be lonely when I was gone for work and school.

Now, we're all happy. I'm so lucky that I found them.

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I found her squealing on the front lawn, only a few hours old
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I plucked Oliver off the streets of State College, PA... and proceeded to hide him in my dorm for a semester haha... now he's spoiled rotten and would never survive on the street haha
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My brother's friend had a friend who found Seamus and took him in. They got him settled down and then I took him. It was a situation where I always talked about getting a cat and never really looked for one, and the opportunity knocked and I answered.
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My daughter's cat, Ami (the one in my sig) was from my friend's rescue, Bottle Babies in Omaha, NE.

My black kitten, Layla, was from SOLAS (Support Our Local Animal Shelter) in Council Bluffs, IA.

Layla was adopted so that Ami wouldn't get lonely while my daughter was at school and I was at work.
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Leo was rescued at 5 weeks old as a feral kitten.

Tabitha was rescued at 9 weeks old, found on the side of the road with her mom and sister.

Spooky Bear was rescued at 4-5 weeks, we found him abandoned in our barn.

Spike was a "free to good home" kitten, was at least half brother to one we lost so we couldn't say no.

Garfield was rescued at 4 days old after his mother was killed.

Captain Squishy is Garfield's brother.

Lieutenant Bear was born here, we rescued her pregnant mother.

Roxy was found at 8-10 weeks old abandoned in the woods with her siblings.

Sofia is Roxy's sister.

Taco was born here, we rescued his pregnant mother.

Woody Jr. is Taco's brother.

Lilly I found outside, she had been dumped here.
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Ziggy (RIP) came from an add in a paper because we really wanted a kitten so that my son would learn how to look after them and grow up with animals

Links was one of Ziggy's kittens.

Lexi came from a farm where they trapped ferals and spayed them. She was a bottle baby thats mum abandoned her and her littermates. I answered an add on the internet for her home.
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I'm a service coordinator who works with developmentally disabled adults. One of my clients had been feeding a feral mom and her kitten who lived in his back yard. The mom disappeared when the baby was about 5 weeks old; they presume she was killed somehow. Kit is that kitten. We took him in when he was about 7.5 weeks old.
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Oberon - stray in Texas
Sparkle - SPCA in British Columbia
Lily - SPCA in British Columbia
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Stumpy - found in our storm cellar (feral mom)
Eightball - born in the rafters of our garage (feral mom)
Bob - found in a box in our garage (feral mom)
Pinky - feral mom walked up to our house one day with him in tow
Scarlett - feral mom delivered her in our garden bed
Muddy & Koko - feral mom delivered them by our front porch
Lucky Pierre - feral mom showed up with him one day
Sage & Dakota - adopted from humane society
Spanky & Oscar - dumped on our property by someone cleaning out their barn cats
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Connor & Princess were born in a family friend's yard. They were the last of the litter to be adopted.

Cello was dropped off by my cousin for "a few days".

Lucky, Molly, & Benson were found outside.
Spunky was born here. Molly is his mommy.
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Alex and Evie came from Adopt-a-Pet Illinois, a fantastic "animal shelter without walls." This means it's all run through volunteer foster caretakers. I am forever indebted to Julie, their foster mom, for keeping them safe until I found them
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Quill came from the Humane Society of Western Quebec.
Tucson came from the Ottawa Carleton Humane Society.
Cleo was given to us by a friend of my mum's, who was moving away.
Spike was found chained outside and my sister took him in, then she moved away and my dad took him.
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damian we got at a few months old. we were cat sitting and didn't want to give him back, lol, they were fine with it, one was really allergic to him

max we got the randolph pound at 4 months old because the fish died and we wanted another pet

millie we got at the randolph pound two months later at 4 months old because max needed a friend to play with

sophie we got the same day at millie because we went to get pet supplies at petsmart and fell in love with her, so we rescued her through the pet adoption league. if you think about it, the fish died and we ended up with three more cats....doesn't seem like an even trade!! HAHAHA
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Chester was from a humane society in Belleville Ontario and Dynah was from a litter that my sister and I rescued and then fostered for the OSPCA last fall.
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My kitty was given to me by a breeder.
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Some showed up at our place.
Some were born to our farm cats(who are all now fixed).
One I got from the neighbor from a feral colony & wish I could give her back.
A few foster failures.
PJ & Punky are fosters....I can't fail on them unfortunately.
I even adopted one kitty!
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my boys were both rescues.

I didn't get them from a shelter but how we got Miagi was a lady "found" him in her basement and didn't want him so we took him in. she doesn't know what a great awesome cat she's missing out on. definately OUR gain and her loss!

we got Tiger almost 3 years ago on February 22nd 2005 - he was abandoned with another cat on the side of the road and these people fostered him and couldn't keep him so we took him. it was the best thing I have ever done taking him in! he is totally a different cat now learning that it's okay to have fun and relax and be a part of a REAL family.

they are both my babies!
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Both our current cat and previous cat were from friends.

My current cat Sneakers was rescued by some friends of mine. Their daughter was visiting someone and saw Sneakers, commented on how cute she was and the woman said "Do you want her? I don't want her anymore." So my friends' daughter brought her home, but they already had 5 cats and could not keep her. My cat Sylvia had passed away recently so they asked if we wanted her.
Our previous cat Sylvia was a stray who was "rescued" by a friend of my sister, Jen. Their cat, a black cat, was missing and one day one of her family members came home and a black cat followed them inside. They thought it was the missing cat, but Jen (the cat's owner) could tell right away it wasn't! Sylvia ended up staying with them for a while (their own cat Merlin came home a few days later) but when Jen moved in with her fiance, Sylvia did not get along with her fiance's cat and she ended up giving Sylvia to us.

I also currently have a "foster cat" who was a stray or feral, not sure which. He was about 5-6 weeks when I caught him, he's 8 weeks now but we probably won't be able to keep him. Soon there will be another kitten here, a Maine Coon, who we have been waiting for over 2 years to get from a breeder. Aside from my two pet rats this will be the first animal we've ever had from a breeder. The rest of the pets we've owned were mostly rescues, strays, or adopted from friends.
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Kandie - was the second opps litter of a friend'

Simon - found on a busy street ( 20 yrs later would learn he was likely feral)

Zoey - local shelter


Joey - mom s friend who breed his dog

Peggy -rescued by grandma

Patsy leah - humane society

Gigi - humane society
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Callie was a stray who wandered onto my back patio and never left. That was 9 years ago.

We adopted Hannah from Fort Worth Animal Control (aka The Pound) in 2005.

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Jamie is from a rescue organization. His pregnant mom was trapped at a feeding site for ferals, and fostered. She was obviously abandoned or stray, as she was used to humans.
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I found Ernesto and Mimosa on the farm of my mom's friend. They were glad to get rid of them because they thought long haired cats were ugly (because they got al matted and ratty on the farm), and the sealpoint kittens they thought were just plain weird. Well, I was crazy about them immediately

dEUS and Flynn came from the same breeder who raises 2 litters a year in her home. We're still friends, I'm going to her wedding next week.
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