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Update on Anne's hubby

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Anne wants you all to know that she is very grateful for the outpouring of support this wonderful board has shown her. Her time is pretty crunched right now, as her life is a bit in chaos, having to worry about the impending war, the work at the shelter and what to do about all the cats. Recently, the Americans called the shelter to make arrangements to leave their cats boarding there as they are "bugging out" and trans-atlantic travel is pretty hard on cats.
Add to the stress of the Iraqi-USA situation, is the fact of Issac's illness and well, you can imagine how it is for her at this given moment. But she is still forging ahead with her classes in Cat Behavior and trying to keep a very active little boy from creatively typing out his messages on her computer! LOL

The good news is Issac. He is doing much better! They are very close to getting him the drugs he needs, and the consensus is that the strain of Wilson's that he has, is actually from a strain found in the Jews whose roots would originally be found in Eastern Europe. It is called the ashkenazi strain- or "Wilson's Light," It appears to not have caused the massive amount of damage to Issac's liver as the disease in full strength usually does. Anne is in the process of using FedEx to get Issac's liver sample to New York quickly- as she calls it a "Liver Deliver!"

I am constantly amazed at the strength and humor this woman possesses. And how she keeps it together, is really beyond me, especially when some seem to fall apart at the most trivial of matters, and she just keeps in there fighting, making me laugh daily in our IM messages and I just want to say that I admire this woman immensely. I miss her presence on these boards and am just grateful that she has ALL of you that she can fall back on, who offer up prayers and positive thoughts and good vibes and send them off.

Especially after hearing Colin Powell's report to the UN yesterday, I have even more respect for Anne and her husband and what they really must be going through right now.

She asked me to update you- so now I have. Thank you all for your board magic, once again- you all came through!
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I agree, Anne has a lot on her plate but she is amazing with everything she takes on. Bless you Anne!
Anne - you and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers!
Hissy - Thankyou for keeping us up to date!

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Anne - {{{{{hugs}}}}}!!!!!

SOOOOOOOO glad to hear the good news! I've got them in my prayers, and I've got my fingers crossed - I sure hope (knock wood) that this turns out to be the case.

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Hi Anne, although I don't know you much since I am new to this board, my heart goes out to you, and your husband, You will both be in my thoughts and prayers, I am jewish as well but never knew about what Issac has...I hope heatlh and happiness is in your near future! And ofcourse I must add what a wonderful site this is!
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I agree! Bless you, Anne. I am still praying for Isaac's health and God's protection on you and your family.
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I am so glad Isaac is doing better and that that he has the light version of the disease.

It is so stressful living in the USA and thinking about going to war; I simply cannot imagine what it must be like for those who are living in the middle of it. My thoughts are with everyone living in the middle east and especially to Anne, her family, and all of the animals they are trying to help in the event of war.

By the way....those americans who are leaving should know that cats can survive transatlantic flight. I took my two cats with me when I moved to Germany and they came back with me when I returned home. One lived to the ripe old age of 18 and the other died at age 12.
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I don't know Anne but it sounds like a stressful situation.... Im thinking of your family Anne....
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Thank you so much everyone!

I'm really not that brave and I honestly don't feel that special or strong :tounge2: Everyone around here has to deal with the situation. I guess when the war actually starts that's when I'll panic - for now I just try not to think about it too much (other than in the context of raising money to help the cats). And the humor bit is just another defense mechanism really. I'm glad you're not offended by it MA - I know I get into the black kind of humor too often... and just in case anyone worries - in case something really bad happens here, the site is in good hands - both Sandie and Deb25 have access to the admin panel so they will be able to protect this place from any troll attacks if I'm gone

Hubby is feeling much better this week - I hope his recent relapse was because of the CMV virus rather than the Wilson't disease. We're going to the doctor tomorrow to hear more about the results of the biopsy. The other sample (he had two samples taken out) we need to send to NY and it will take 2-3 months before we get the results for that one.

Thank you everyone and thank God for my little blue pills
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Anne, I'm glad to hear the good news about Issac's health! You and your family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.
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It's nice to see a light during such a difficult time. Stay strong Anne. Sending prayers to you, hubby and little Ron.
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Great news Anne!

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speed bump
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That cow is too cute MA!

Anne, I'm so glad you are getting some good news for a change. You and yours continue to be in my thoughts...
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I was watching ER tonight, a girl on it was diagnosed with Wilsons Disease and I immediately thought of Isaac.

MA - shouldnt you give that cow to Ghys?
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Oh Anne!!!! I am so glad to hear Isaac is doing better and that things are not as bad as once thought!!!!!! My prayers are still going up for you and him, and little Ron, and I pray he continues to get better and stronger each day!!!! You have so much stress to deal with, and my thoughts are with you daily!!!!!
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It's my cow!

But I will share!

How strange was that ER episode talking about Wilson's Disease?
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Anne, I'm glad to hear the good news about Isaac. I hope he continues to be well, and you and your family stay safe.
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I will continue to pray for you and your husband. ((hugs))
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Anne - I am keeping you and my family in my prayers!
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Anne....prayers heading out your way and......tons of strength to get through everything you are dealing with right now.
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i do think you're full of strength and will, you have the capacity to face the hardest of times
and come out still standing & smiling. i think you're brave and compassionate, you're a
wonderful person, Anne, and i'm thinking of you, Issac and your son.

lots of love,
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Anne, you and Issac have been in my thoughts and prayers a lot lately. I am glad to hear the good news. Keep us posted. Best Wishes and lots of hugs.
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Thank you everyone! Katie - good to see you here again! I know I'm late saying that but - better late then never

A short update - the first of the liver biopsy samples came back a few days ago and the results are very very good! Turns out the damage to the liver is still not very bad. With any luck, we may have caught this early enough for the disease to be totally under control and maybe even for the damage to be reversible! We're so pleased about that! Now we're waiting for the second biopsy test results. It's in NY right now and should be analyzed this week - we should have the results in by next week (hopefully!). Once we have those we hope we may actually be able to convince our insurance to pay for the more expensive drug.

Thanks again everyone!!! I guess the board magic worked again! :daisy:
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Such WONDERFUL News!!!!!!
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I am so happy to hear this. I'll continue to send good thoughts from Kentucky so that the next check up will be even better!
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Anne that is wonderful news!!!
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That is GREAT Anne!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy to hear this!!!!!!
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